Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 Favourites


This is my last post for 2015! And I am going to share with you my favourite for this year!

Before I start, I would like to say Thank you, so much for 3,000+ page views! I started this blog for a bit of fun, just over 2 months ago, and seeing that I have people reading from all around the world makes me so happy! 

This year I have been loving quotes! Quotes are something that can be very truthful and honest, they are all unique. I got this one that says 'always kiss me goodnight' , I got it from Next for £1! 
 I also been loving Lush! Always have and properly always will! This year I have especially been loving Butter Bear, it makes you skin so smooth and glowy! Which I love so much!
Next I have been loving candles, just candles in general! I especially been loving Yankee Candles! 
Next Cashmere perfume, this perfume have such a fresh smell and I have had this 30mls bottle for about 5/6 months now and I am still going on the same bottle! I have been having a lot of compliments on what  I am wearing and it has always been Cashmere by Next as it is just amazing! 

Make-up Favs:

My go to concealer this is year is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, it is very high coverage and even though its not my exact skin-colour, I can easier get away with it! It is very good for oily skin types!
In the Stay Time collection, I have also been loving the Pressed Powder from this collection, it gives a very matte finish and it doesn't go cakey throughout the day, with is a bonus! 

I have also been loving 2 of the Seventeen Lip Crayons this year, the one of the left is a pinky berry colour and the one on the right is a gorgeous nude! 

I have mentioned this thousands of times, but my ultimate blush for this year is the Collection Gorgeous glow blush palette, it gives a very rosie look effect and is perfect for the warmer months! 

This year I brought the Seventeen Define&Conquer Contour kit, as I wanted to try and contour my face and I have loved it so much! It comes with a highlight and bronzer which are so pretty and the perfect colour combination for my skin! 

As well as make-up, I have been loving Real Techniques brushes, these brushes have made my make-up look so flawless and natural.


Last year at school my planner was a mess,  it was not organised at all!
 So in September when I started the new academic year, I wanted to keep my planner well organised. The key to keeping planners organise is high lighting. I highlight all the homework that I done, so then I know what I need to do. However my school got Show My Homework, which is an online planner type thing and I have to say it is rubbish! So I have stuck to my planner! 

Random Bits and Bobs:

First thing is, my flute! I have been playing the flute for 2 years and 4 months now, and this year I have just been so passionate about it and I really enjoy playing it, I think its because I've gone form Intermediate Band in school to Senior Band. 
Next, is my Fitbit, This thing is amazing and well worth the money. It counts the steps you do, calculate how many miles you walked, how many calories you burnt, how many active minutes you done that day and a lot more things. You can also compete with our friends and family on it as well. 

I have also been loving Zumba, earlier this year I quit Tap and Modern as it just got too serious, so me and my Mum joined my Nan with Zumba and I really love it so much!

Next thing is OLAF! I've been loving Olaf this year, I think he is very cute! For my birthday my Mum and Dad brought me a 3.5ft Olaf Balloon and it was the best thing ever! I also got some Olaf Pjs from Sainsburys. 

2nd to last thing I have been loving is this gorgeous Jewellery Box, I love all the  patterns on it and how colour it is! I also like the fact is has a mirror inside!

Last thing I have  been loving is Blogging! I love all the support given to me and all of the people I have talked to help boost my blog up, Thank you so much!

I hope 2016 gives you health and happiness! And it becomes a year to remember!
I have a lot of things happening in 2016! I am so excited!

Amy x

Monday, 28 December 2015

Tanya Burr Nail Vanish Review


For Christmas I received 2 Tanya Burr Nail Vanishes from my brother, I got Penguin Chick and Sugar Plum, which is limited edition! I have already painted my nails Penguin Chick and it is a really pretty grey. 

Today's post is me doing a little review on them!

1) Packaging?
The packaging is really pretty and very photogenic, however when you take the lid off, the actually lid where the brush is, isn't very pretty it is just a black cylinder. 

2) Colour? 
The colour is actually the same to the colour you see on the botttle, I think Tanya has created some really nice colours! 

3) Product? 
The product its self is very good, the brush is the a perfect size to only apply the vanish so none gets on your fingers. I have had it on my nails now for 2 days and it hasn't chipped yet, which is really good. I done 2 coats and it dried really fast and it feels really smooth and look like a gel effect!

4) Price? 
I wouldn't pay £4.99 for them, as you can get similar colour nail vanishes from other brand. However they are reduced now for £3.29! Which is a better price for them. 

Overall I would rate it as a 8/10, only from the packaging and price. 

Comment below if you like these kind of posts!

Also I spent Sunday editing my blog and making it better, so I hope you like it!

Amy x

Saturday, 26 December 2015

LUSH! //Boxing Day 2015

Happy Day After Christmas Day! ie: Boxing Day!

The sales have now all started in mostly every shop, so everyone can spend their Christmas money. 

There isn't anything I really want to buy with my money, but what I did want to spend £10 or so on was Lush. 
Right before I get on with this, lush website for UK is the most rubbish website for when it comes to sales! Literally rubbish, it crashed millions times on me this morning, you had to wait in a que and then was only allowed 10 minutes to shop! Which then end up crashing! 
So my mum said that she will take me down to Lush and then I can buy everything I want there! 

I spent just over £8 on 5 products, which is amazing! All of the Christmas products all had 50% off. 
I brought: 
- Candy Mountain (bubble bar)
-Golden Wonder (bath bomb)
-Luxury Lush Pud (bath bomb)
-2x Star Dust (bath bomb - 1 for me and 1 for my Mum) 

As you might beable to tell that I do prefer bath bombs than anything else that Lush sells, as I really like watching them fizz! 
The lighting is rubbish, I am so sorry! 
For Christmas my Dad, Mum and Santa also brought me some lush aswell!

-Sex Bomb (bath bomb) 
-Star Dust (bath bomb)
-Butterbear (bath bomb)
-Dashing Santa (bath bomb)
-Snow Fairy (shower gel)

Now I have a huge selection of really nice Lush products to use and in the bath and shower. 
My favourites this year are Golden Wonder and Star Dust. 

I hope you spent lots of your money in the sales too!

Amy x

-If you do not celebrate Christmas, then I hope you had a nice  day yesterday! 

Friday, 25 December 2015

What I Got For Christmas 2015

- Tanya Burr Sugar Plum Nail Set

- LIVE Wax and Candles 

- Maybelline Baby Its Cold Outside Babylips Set

- Real Techniques, Deluxe Gift Set -Tapered Foundation Brush, Angled Highlighter Brush, Multi-Task Brush, Base Shadow Brush, Fine Liner Brush 

- Real Techniques, Expert Face Brush and Powder Brush

This is just a handful of things that I was kindly given this Christmas, I love  every present I got! I haven't included everything as I would be here all day! 
I am not trying to show off or anything, These presents are from my Family and Santa! 
If you would like me to show , more of what I got then that will be ok and I will or if you want me to do any reviews on anything, then comment down below!

Merry Christmas 

Amy x

Thursday, 24 December 2015

Christmas Style


Its Christmas Eve! Christmas Day is tomorrow,literally tomorrow and I don't feel Christmassy at all! But hopefully that will change throughout the day!

For today I am going to tell you all about what I will be wearing tomorrow and what make-up I will be wearing, so it is like a Get Ready With Me type post!

On Christmas day, I like to keep it quite simple. 

Yesterday,me and my mum went shoping and we went into Dorothy Perkins, now I am not a huge fan of DP, but when I saw this I fell in love with it. Its a green thin jumper with a white collar around the top. 
It was in the Christmas sale for only £12! 
The link for it is here.

I am also going to wear some leggings with it and some black  Chelsea Block Boots.


Before I start, I just want to say that this might not be what I exactly will wear on my face as I really would like some MAC  for Christmas! But lets just pretend I am not getting any MAC!

For the base, I am going to use the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer and then go over with the Stay Time Pressed Powder. Recently these 2 products have been sticking to my face all day! Which I am so happy about. 

Next I will be contouring my face with the Seventeen Define and conquer, contouring kit. Then I will  be using a blush by Collection. 
 For eyes, to make my look a bit Christmassy, I am going to use the MUA Eye shadow in the shade Chamoisee* and Super Lash Mascara by Seventeen. 

No Christmas look is finished with out a red lip, so I will be using the Maybelline Colour sensational in shade 547, Pleasure Me Red. 

I have already painted my nails in this beautiful blue colour by Seventeen in the shade Sapphire. A really pretty colour for Christmas!

I hope you have a very merry Christmas!

I have alot of blog posts ideas, that I am planning to do after Christmas! 

On Saturday I will be doing a What I Got For Christmas, so make sure you are following me on Bloglovin (link on the side) for when it gets posted! 

Amy x

*I couldn't find the eyeshadow colur, but I linked a similar colour!

Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Q&A

Its Christmas in 3 days! 3 days! If I am honest I do not feel that Christmassy, which is upsetting as it will be over soon. 
Over the past week, I have asked for some questions so I  can answer them, that you are all interested in knowing what Christmas is to me. 

1) What's the best Christmas present I've ever received?
In 2009, my parents booked a holiday for my family to go to Florida, we flew out on boxing day and it was such a magical experience. 

2) What's the best Christmas present I've ever given? 
I made my mum and dad a scrap book of happy memories of all of my family on hoildays, trips out from when me and my brother were younger. I really liked it and my parents really liked it too!

3) What's your favourite food to eat at Christmas? 
Especially Ferrero Rocher, they are literally heaven! 
If it was food that I normally don't eat all year round then it would probably be pigs in blankets, If you don't know what they are then they are little mini sausages wrapped in bacon. 

4) What theme is you Christmas tree this year? 
I have done a blogpost about my family tree and my bedroom tree has featured in a post, if you haven't read them, then the links are here and here.
However, my family tree is mainly sliver, blue ad white and my tree in my room is basically bright colours like pink,purple,blue and green. 

5) What's you favourite Christmas scent? 
I don't really have one but I do like Yankee Candle's Snowflake cookie and their Christmas cookies scent. 

6) Are you having Christmas Day at your house this year? 
Yes, my family always have done but we do sometimes pop round to my nan and grandad's or their pop round ours for 2 hours or so. 

7)  Do you open your family cards on Christmas day or before? 
It depends when we get them, my parents and brothers cards I do before Christmas, I've already opened my uncles, nan and grandad's and nan's card  as well. 

8) Do you stay in you pyjamas all day or do you dress up? 
I start of in my pyjamas for opening my presents from my mum, dad, brother and of course Santa! And then what I mainly do is, if I got given anything clothes wise I will wear them that day. I don't really dress up as in like dress and heels and fancy stuff like that however I do try and wear something a little bit christmassy.

9) Does my family have a Christmas Eve traditions? 
Nope, no we don't we do like to go out for a meal, panto, cinema or bowling but it just depends on what people feel. But this year we are going bowling and then going out for a nandos which I am super excited about! 

10) What are you most excited to receive this year?
MAC makeup! I've been wanting some MAC for ages, so if I receive some I will be super happy! 

I hoped you liked it!
Merry Christmas 

Amy x

Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Movies

Its 1 more week till Christmas! How exciting!
 I finished school today and I finished at 12:20, but I wasn't on time-table as I do band and we had to preform in the Christmas assemblies through period 1 and 2 and in period 3 we spent 10 mins cleaning the Drama Hall up from the past 2 nights, as I had Christmas Concert  and then we all messed around in Music. So been a very fun day! 

Today I would like to share with you all some Christmas movies that I have watched and recommend or really want to watch!

1- ALL 3 Nativity's
Nativity 1 is my absolute favourite Christmas Movie, since watching it on Christmas eve the year it came, I have never went a year with out watching it. I really think that there isn't a film that can beat this one. 
Its about a primary school, who is performing the nativity for their Christmas Play, and their class gets a supply teacher who is very nuts! That's all I am going to tell you!

2- Home-alone 1
Its about a boy called Kevin who  gets left behind when his family goes on holiday and he is then Home Alone, 2 men who want to try and kidnap Kevin gets pulled with tricks that Kevin puts around his house. 
Such a funny film!

3-Polar Express
So I have never probably seen this film,  I've only seen parts of it. 
In  Senior band with school, we played Polar Express and I couldn't really tell when it goes The Polar Express, as I never watched it, so I put the Polar express sound track on and it made me really want to watch it!

4- Merry Madagascar
If you like Madagascar then you will really like Merry Madagascar! All the animals go on a trip to save Christmas as Santa and his reindeer's crash. 
This film is very funny and entertaining for all ages! 

I think my mum brought this set of 3 Christmas films last year from Sainsburys and I am yet to watch them all! I heard that Fred Claus is a funny, family film, so excited to watch that!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
 I am really excited about some post that I will be doing next week!   
I hope you have a  very merry Christmas! 
Amy x

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Owl's Choco-Toffee Cakes


I know some people who don't like the traditional Christmas Pudding and yes I know that owls are not Christmassy, but I thought they looked cute! So I decided to tell you lot about these Choco-Toffee cakes that you could try and create yourself. 
Before I start they are ingredients in these that you wouldn't tend to use in cakes! I did not come up with this recipe, it is a Slimming World Recipe. 


2 Eggs
350g Self-Raising Flour
175g Golden Caster Sugar
110g Low-Fat Margarine
200g Toffee Mullerlight Yoghurt 
100g Chocolate Chips
A few drops of Vanilla Essence


1.Preheat the oven to 180 Degrees/160 Degrees Fan/Gas Mark 4

2. Lightly beat the eggs, place in a food processor with the Flour, Sugar, Margarine and Yoghurt and blend until smooth. 

3. Fold the Chocolate Chips and Vanilla Essence  into the mixture.

4. This  is where you can now cook them however you want to, so you can use a silicone shape (that's what I done), you can make cupcakes, one big cake or what ever you want. 
Place mixture into what  you have and then place into oven for 30 to 35 minutes

5.  Wait until cooled down and then you are done!

Hope you liked today's post!
I am planning to do a Christmas Q&A in a week, so leave questions down below!
Amy x

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Friday, 11 December 2015

Family Christmas Tree

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