Wednesday, 30 December 2015

2015 Favourites


This is my last post for 2015! And I am going to share with you my favourite for this year!

Before I start, I would like to say Thank you, so much for 3,000+ page views! I started this blog for a bit of fun, just over 2 months ago, and seeing that I have people reading from all around the world makes me so happy! 

This year I have been loving quotes! Quotes are something that can be very truthful and honest, they are all unique. I got this one that says 'always kiss me goodnight' , I got it from Next for £1! 
 I also been loving Lush! Always have and properly always will! This year I have especially been loving Butter Bear, it makes you skin so smooth and glowy! Which I love so much!
Next I have been loving candles, just candles in general! I especially been loving Yankee Candles! 
Next Cashmere perfume, this perfume have such a fresh smell and I have had this 30mls bottle for about 5/6 months now and I am still going on the same bottle! I have been having a lot of compliments on what  I am wearing and it has always been Cashmere by Next as it is just amazing! 

Make-up Favs:

My go to concealer this is year is the Seventeen Stay Time Concealer, it is very high coverage and even though its not my exact skin-colour, I can easier get away with it! It is very good for oily skin types!
In the Stay Time collection, I have also been loving the Pressed Powder from this collection, it gives a very matte finish and it doesn't go cakey throughout the day, with is a bonus! 

I have also been loving 2 of the Seventeen Lip Crayons this year, the one of the left is a pinky berry colour and the one on the right is a gorgeous nude! 

I have mentioned this thousands of times, but my ultimate blush for this year is the Collection Gorgeous glow blush palette, it gives a very rosie look effect and is perfect for the warmer months! 

This year I brought the Seventeen Define&Conquer Contour kit, as I wanted to try and contour my face and I have loved it so much! It comes with a highlight and bronzer which are so pretty and the perfect colour combination for my skin! 

As well as make-up, I have been loving Real Techniques brushes, these brushes have made my make-up look so flawless and natural.


Last year at school my planner was a mess,  it was not organised at all!
 So in September when I started the new academic year, I wanted to keep my planner well organised. The key to keeping planners organise is high lighting. I highlight all the homework that I done, so then I know what I need to do. However my school got Show My Homework, which is an online planner type thing and I have to say it is rubbish! So I have stuck to my planner! 

Random Bits and Bobs:

First thing is, my flute! I have been playing the flute for 2 years and 4 months now, and this year I have just been so passionate about it and I really enjoy playing it, I think its because I've gone form Intermediate Band in school to Senior Band. 
Next, is my Fitbit, This thing is amazing and well worth the money. It counts the steps you do, calculate how many miles you walked, how many calories you burnt, how many active minutes you done that day and a lot more things. You can also compete with our friends and family on it as well. 

I have also been loving Zumba, earlier this year I quit Tap and Modern as it just got too serious, so me and my Mum joined my Nan with Zumba and I really love it so much!

Next thing is OLAF! I've been loving Olaf this year, I think he is very cute! For my birthday my Mum and Dad brought me a 3.5ft Olaf Balloon and it was the best thing ever! I also got some Olaf Pjs from Sainsburys. 

2nd to last thing I have been loving is this gorgeous Jewellery Box, I love all the  patterns on it and how colour it is! I also like the fact is has a mirror inside!

Last thing I have  been loving is Blogging! I love all the support given to me and all of the people I have talked to help boost my blog up, Thank you so much!

I hope 2016 gives you health and happiness! And it becomes a year to remember!
I have a lot of things happening in 2016! I am so excited!

Amy x


  1. I love the stay time concealer, it's a holy grail item for me.

    Tash x

  2. I love the quote that you got from Next, how cute! Really want to try the Seventeen Define and Conquer contour kit as well.

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  3. I've never tried anything from Seventeen but they look so nice. Amy x

  4. That quote is super cute. Have a good new year. xx


  5. i really wanna try that concealer!

    from helen at

  6. I loveeee Olaf as well, he is just so adorable! I’ve been pulled more to high end makeup recently, because I haven’t found the perfect drugstore makeup. Personal Preferences so :)

    Ambra x

    1. Yeah, there isn't really a foundation that match my skin, with out having to mix as I am so pale, ahah, I did get some mac for Christmas however xx

  7. These look like some really lovely products!! Have a beautiful new year x