Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Day Drugstore Make-up Look


A natural light coverage BB cream, just to give your skin a flawless look. 

A light weight powder to go over the BB cream so it doesn't become sticky. 

For a nice  Christmassy eye: the 2 middle ones. 

A great mascara to open your eyes!

Clinque Lipstick (Cherry Pop)
Maybelline do some really nice lipsticks that are very long lasting and 547 is the perfect red shade!
Clinque lipstick (I know isn't a Drugstore brand but, you can buy Clinquic products in drugstores!) Cherry Pop is a lovely nude red, for the Christmas time.

I hope you liked something abit different for today's post, let me know if you like it!

*I cannot find the exact palette, but the one I linked had similar colours. 
- This is part of The Secret Blogger Project.


  1. I love the backdrop! The Clinique lipstick looks so perfect for Christmas parties!