Friday, 18 December 2015

Christmas Movies

Its 1 more week till Christmas! How exciting!
 I finished school today and I finished at 12:20, but I wasn't on time-table as I do band and we had to preform in the Christmas assemblies through period 1 and 2 and in period 3 we spent 10 mins cleaning the Drama Hall up from the past 2 nights, as I had Christmas Concert  and then we all messed around in Music. So been a very fun day! 

Today I would like to share with you all some Christmas movies that I have watched and recommend or really want to watch!

1- ALL 3 Nativity's
Nativity 1 is my absolute favourite Christmas Movie, since watching it on Christmas eve the year it came, I have never went a year with out watching it. I really think that there isn't a film that can beat this one. 
Its about a primary school, who is performing the nativity for their Christmas Play, and their class gets a supply teacher who is very nuts! That's all I am going to tell you!

2- Home-alone 1
Its about a boy called Kevin who  gets left behind when his family goes on holiday and he is then Home Alone, 2 men who want to try and kidnap Kevin gets pulled with tricks that Kevin puts around his house. 
Such a funny film!

3-Polar Express
So I have never probably seen this film,  I've only seen parts of it. 
In  Senior band with school, we played Polar Express and I couldn't really tell when it goes The Polar Express, as I never watched it, so I put the Polar express sound track on and it made me really want to watch it!

4- Merry Madagascar
If you like Madagascar then you will really like Merry Madagascar! All the animals go on a trip to save Christmas as Santa and his reindeer's crash. 
This film is very funny and entertaining for all ages! 

I think my mum brought this set of 3 Christmas films last year from Sainsburys and I am yet to watch them all! I heard that Fred Claus is a funny, family film, so excited to watch that!

I hope you enjoyed today's post!
 I am really excited about some post that I will be doing next week!   
I hope you have a  very merry Christmas! 
Amy x


  1. I reaalllyyy like the first Nativity movie!
    Dalal x

  2. I haven't seen Madagascar, I'll have to watch it. xx