Tuesday, 22 December 2015

Christmas Q&A

Its Christmas in 3 days! 3 days! If I am honest I do not feel that Christmassy, which is upsetting as it will be over soon. 
Over the past week, I have asked for some questions so I  can answer them, that you are all interested in knowing what Christmas is to me. 

1) What's the best Christmas present I've ever received?
In 2009, my parents booked a holiday for my family to go to Florida, we flew out on boxing day and it was such a magical experience. 

2) What's the best Christmas present I've ever given? 
I made my mum and dad a scrap book of happy memories of all of my family on hoildays, trips out from when me and my brother were younger. I really liked it and my parents really liked it too!

3) What's your favourite food to eat at Christmas? 
Especially Ferrero Rocher, they are literally heaven! 
If it was food that I normally don't eat all year round then it would probably be pigs in blankets, If you don't know what they are then they are little mini sausages wrapped in bacon. 

4) What theme is you Christmas tree this year? 
I have done a blogpost about my family tree and my bedroom tree has featured in a post, if you haven't read them, then the links are here and here.
However, my family tree is mainly sliver, blue ad white and my tree in my room is basically bright colours like pink,purple,blue and green. 

5) What's you favourite Christmas scent? 
I don't really have one but I do like Yankee Candle's Snowflake cookie and their Christmas cookies scent. 

6) Are you having Christmas Day at your house this year? 
Yes, my family always have done but we do sometimes pop round to my nan and grandad's or their pop round ours for 2 hours or so. 

7)  Do you open your family cards on Christmas day or before? 
It depends when we get them, my parents and brothers cards I do before Christmas, I've already opened my uncles, nan and grandad's and nan's card  as well. 

8) Do you stay in you pyjamas all day or do you dress up? 
I start of in my pyjamas for opening my presents from my mum, dad, brother and of course Santa! And then what I mainly do is, if I got given anything clothes wise I will wear them that day. I don't really dress up as in like dress and heels and fancy stuff like that however I do try and wear something a little bit christmassy.

9) Does my family have a Christmas Eve traditions? 
Nope, no we don't we do like to go out for a meal, panto, cinema or bowling but it just depends on what people feel. But this year we are going bowling and then going out for a nandos which I am super excited about! 

10) What are you most excited to receive this year?
MAC makeup! I've been wanting some MAC for ages, so if I receive some I will be super happy! 

I hoped you liked it!
Merry Christmas 

Amy x


  1. I love reading q&a's, I'm so nosey! I'm really hoping to get some Mac makeup this Christmas too!

    Kate// katerosexo1.blogspot.com

  2. The trip to Florida sounds like such a great gift, I have been there so many times and it is magical every time. I have also asked for Mac makeup so I am super excited! Lovely post!
    Grace xx