Friday, 4 December 2015

Festive Nails

Autograph (M&S) Shade: Raspberry Mix
Seventeen Shade: Winter Coat
Autograph (M&S) Shade: Carmel
Seventeen Shade: Blue
Seventeen Shades: Bluetone (left) and Monochrome (right)
Seventeen Shade: Cameo Crush

Now it is nearly Christmas! So for today's post, I thought I would share with you, some of my favourite nail vanishes, that I have been wearing recently to get myself  looking a little bit more festive!

All of these 7 nail vanishes are super cheap and very long lasting!

Christmas nails must include a tad of sparkle, I think, all of these  have either sparkles in or they are super shiny and eye catchy.

My favourite is the Raspberry Mix by Marks and Spencers, it  is the most perfect Christmas red and it is a very long lasting colour with is excellent!

I do recommend all of you to go and find some of these in boots or M&S and to try yourself, and tag me on Intsagram (@amybatchen) or comment below!

Question: What is you favourite Christmassy Colours out of: Red, Green, Sliver or Gold!
Mine is Sliver!

Amy x

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  1. I love nail varnishes, I must stop buying more! Great post, love the Seventeen ones!

    Tash x

  2. Yeah they are so addictive to buy so many colours x

  3. My favourite Autumn nail coloures are red, gold and plum coloures

    Great post

  4. All these nail polishes look so nice!


  5. Such lovely shades! Your pictures are stunning here xo