Wednesday, 2 December 2015

November Favourites 2015

Its officially December, which is so exciting but then also sad. Exciting because it means its nearly Christmas! (I know some people don't celebrate Christmas, so this month might not be as exciting!) But then it is quit sad, as there is less than 1 month till the end of the year. 

As you have  probably guessed from the title, today's post is last months favourites. 

My top favourite for last month, were my Dr.Martens. Now I have to be honest that when I brought these I thought they were too on the goth side.
I am not being mean or offensive, if you like wearing 'goth' clothes then that's cool! Its just not me. So purchasing these was a risk as I didn't want anyone to think I have changed or anything! I done some research on Pinterest and Google Images, and it turns out you can literally wear these with anything!
 I've been wearing these with some leggings or jeans and a blouse or jumper. 
I do recommend, if you are wanting a pair, to go to an Outlet Store, as they are like 1/2 price there. I've seen people at school on mufty days (mufty day, is a day where you don't have to wear school uniform), who are 'girly' girls wearing them with some tights, skirt and jumper. Seeing other people like me wearing Dr.Martens built my confident in wearing them without thinking anyone would judge me.

This photo was taken on my phone, as it was a lot easier to show
My next favourite is this snood. I have been wearing this to school every single day, probably for the last 3 to 4 weeks. It keeps me so warm and I really like it. I got this last year for Christmas, but  it's from Primark. I don't know if they have this one in store again this year but I expect they have something very similar.
This snood is a very nice cream colour with gold *I want to say tinsel but that's not the correct word! And it is so soft.

Now its the Christmas shopping season, I've used my purse  alot more to  hold all of my money in. 
I love this purse so much, I brought it about 1 maybe 2 years ago from Radley and I have used it ever  since. Its a nice coral pink, with a cute little westie (Radley's Logo) carrying a little suitcase on it. 
This is the most perfect size for me, as it is not to little or to big!

Next on my list is the Soap and Glory Hand food (original scent) and the Soap and Glory Body Buttercream (Sugar Crush). I am not a huge fan of the Sugar Crush scent as it is too strong for me! However this Body Buttercream is so moisturising! It really does keep my skin feeling very smooth especially in the colder months.

Now I don't get dry hands,but I do tend to put a bit of hand cream on every now and again. Soap and Glory, original scent, is my absolute favourite scent! Some people say it smells of marshmallows, but I do not smell that! It is quite hard to describe what the scent smells like, but I am sure you will love it!

The final thing I have been loving this month are these 2 eye-shadows!
The 2 that I have been loving are Chaamoisee colour by MUA  (I bet lots of you are fed up of me talking about this eye-shadow as its been in like 3 posts, I'm sorry but it is sooo good!) and one from N07, There isn't a name on the back, but its a purply grey colour with hints of a warm gold in it! 

These 2 colours are so nice together and on their own, they are also the perfect autumn colours!

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Question: What are you asking for Christmas this year?

I hope you are all well!
Amy x


  1. I love the look of Dr Martens and I have always wanted some but they are really expensive and THe eyeshadows are all so pretty. Lovely post Amy.
    Katie xx

  2. Thank you xx Yeah they are so comfortable, I got my under half price from Portsmouth Outlook! xx

  3. Sugar Crush is one of my favourite scents, is so refreshing! xo