Thursday, 29 October 2015

Skincare Routine//Autumn 2015

Having a set skincare routine, that you do every morning and every night really helps your skin. Your face is one of the most sensitive part of your body and it needs to be looked after to have a nice healthy looking face. Most people don't have a routine they do everyday as they think their skin is perfectly fine, but in all fairness under the skin they could be dead skin cells, blocked up pores and later on in live it may hit them back. Even just cleansing your face every morning and night does more than what you may think! 

I have a normal to oily skin (which is very frustrating!) and my face is very sensitive. I also tend to break out around my T-zone (forehead, noise and chin just in case you didn't know what a T-zone is!). Therefore I have to look after my skin very well!

Morning Routine-

I firstly start of with the Botanics Cleansing Foam Wash, this face wash is from boots and I think it is amazing! For only being a couple of pounds it is excellent, it makes my skin feel so soft and my face after looks so healthy. I do recommend starting with the cheap drugstore  products first as I do think they are better than the highend. Even if you can't find the perfect one first time. Try one for about 1 week then if you don't like it then go and buy a different one from the drugstore (and remember to keep your old one just in case one day you might go back to it!) and then repeat this and as I promise you, you will find one that is cheap and very good for your face!

After I washed my face I then go and put the Garnier Moisture Matte Moisturiser on. This moisturiser comes in all different type for every skin type there is, I have the combination to oily skin one as that is my skin type. This moisturiser is very moisturising and it really does keep my shine away and controls my oils!

Finally for the morning I will put on my Nivea Express Hydration Primer (only if I am wearing make-up that day!), it says it in its name 'Hydration' and it truly is hydrating, but I have to wait until my moisturiser has settled in otherwise my face just  feels all sticky and horrible! 

Evening Routine-

At night time, if I am not being lazy, I will use the Garnier Pure Active Intensive Anti-spot Exfoliating Scrub for oily to spot prone skin. I love this scrub so much and it is 100% worth the money. I wet my face with some water and then I put this on my face in a circular motion, wait a few minutes then wash it off with a flannel and water. I can definitely see results in one day and it does make my skin feel so soft and smooth. 

But if I am feeling lazy! Then I will use the Garnier Pure Active Micellar Cleansing Water,  just in one cotton pad it does the whole face. It is extremely good for taking make-up off and it is good for taking eye make-up off as well, which is a BONUS! This product also comes in lots of different types for all skin types as well! 

Then after that I will use the Botanics Cleansing Toner,  just to get of any make-up that is left on my skin and also to tone my face. Most people forget to tone their face, but toning is a really important step in taking of make-up or to just cleanse the face.

I hope you enjoyed today's blog and I hope you are all well!
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Monday, 26 October 2015

Autumn Essentials

Autumn Essentials

Today's blogpost is my top Autumn essentials, things that I highly recommend having. Nearly all of these things are high street stores! So they are super in expensive. What I like about Autumn is that all the dark nude colours come back in, colours that stand out so well, especially dark purple tones! 
My number 1 top essential for Autumn is treating yourself to a bath,a bath isn't an essential, but the products you put in your bath are!
Lush stores sell the most amazing body product ever in Autumn and Winter. They sell bath bombs, body butters, bubble bars, literally everything body relatives! My favourite lush products are their bath bombs, top 2 favourites are Golden Wonder (which you can only get a Christmas time) and Sex Bomb (which you can get all year round).
 Nail vanishes are a girls must haves in Autumn! There are absolute tones of nail vanish in drugstore which are all cheap and last a very long time. I tend to paint my nails every weekend as i don't really like the look of my nails, so just some colour over the top makes them look a whole lot better. I would wear nail vanish all the time, but my school doesn't let us wear nail vanish which is a shame especially in the Autumn where all the nice colours come in. My favourite ever nail vanishes are Seventeens Gel colours, just 2 coats of the nail vanish makes them look like you went to a salon to get them 

Top Autumn Essentials:

Seventeen Define&Conquer contour kit- £5.99-  A contour kit is a must have in Autumn, now the sun has gone, for me, I won't be getting a tan any time soon, so this lovely palette gives the most beautiful sun light look! This palette comes with a highlight and  a bronzer. I tend to find that that bronzer stays on a lot better than the highlight, which is a bit annoying sometimes. I got the shade light, but personally the bronzer is quite dark even when you blend it in, so I recommend getting the light palette if you are medium toned. 

Lip Gloss/Crayon - Tanya Burr Lip gloss (Aurora)£5.99 - Seventeen Lip crayon (Knockout) £4.99- Lip glosses are amazing to have in Autumn, Tanya Burrs lip glosses are a must have in Autumn, they are very moisturising and they stay on for at least 5 hours, with out needing to top up in the day. I am not gunna go in to, to much detail as i am tempting on doing a review so let me know in the comments. Lip Crayons, in my opinion lip crayons are the most easiest lip product to apply to the lips with out getting everywhere! As I said earlier in Autumn you can bring all the darker tones back out, Knockout by Seventeen is the best Autumn colour to have, its not too dark and not too light. Its the perfect colour! I find that the Seventeen Crayons don't really last on lips  as long as Tanya's do, but that is just my experience. If you are looking for this Lip Crayon, I recommend getting it in the set of 4 in Boots Christmas range for £10, rather than getting 1. You get a nude colour, a coral and a light pink, which are all beautiful colours! 

Real Techniques- Buffing Brush and Foundation Brush- This isn't really an essentials but I do recommend them. I  find that I use these 2 brushes more in the colder months than I do in the warmer months. I use the Foundation Brush, surprisingly not for foundation but for applying blush, bronzer and highlighter, this works splendid on me! The  Buffing Brush, I use this to  blend the bronzer into my skin nice and neatly!

An Umbrella- If you live in Britain like me, you will understand me that when i say these are a bags must have, you will get me! If you don't live in Britain then you are lucky! Britain all year round gets rain! No matter if it is the Summer, we will still get rain! My Umbrella is from Radley, I got mine from an Outlook Store, so I don't know if they have it in store. Radley umbrellas are the best ones to get, they last a very long time and they dry very quick!

Baby Lips -£2.99- In the colder months everyone tends to get dry lips, baby lips are very moisturising and stops you from getting dry lips. I apply mine in the morning before school (about 7:30am) and that lasts me through out the day, which is very very good! They come in all different colours and senses. Baby lips Pink Punch is my favourite it gives of a light pink effect when applied but isn't to bright so that it looks like lipstick!

Necklace- I don't really wear necklaces but sometimes i might wear one if I am going out anywhere nice or just feel like wearing one. My Mum and Dad got me this one for Christmas last year, so I don't know if it is still in stock, it is from Accessorize and it was £10 I think. this necklace is nice to wear either in Spring or Autumn as it has leaves on it, also it is a gold colour so it goes well with mainly everything! The only bad side about this, is that it gets tangled up very easily!

Lush- Sparkling Pumpkin (Bubble Bar) -£3.65- Getting into a warm bath is a must do in Autumn, burning some candles as well! This bubble bar gives about 5 to 6 baths depending on how much you use each time, All you do break a bit of and crumble it under running water and it creates an orange bath and bubbles. Sparkling Pumpkin is very glittery and the glitter gets everywhere! It smells so good, it basically smells of Autumn! 

Hand Cream -Soap and Glory (original sense)- In the colder months, I try and look after my hands a lot more, so they are nice and soft and smell good! The original sense is my favourite Soap and Glory sense, it is just so fresh! I find that with this Hand Cream it doesn't leave your hands feeling all sticky afterwards, which is a bonus!

Perfume- Cashmere (Next)- An autumnal perfume,  this one is the best perfume for the Autumn time I think, it smells very Autumny(not a word, I know!). This perfect stays on for the whole day,  which is excellent if you are too busy to touch up on.Also you can get it as a roller on which is very handy to chuck into your bag!

Autumn colours nail vanish- Seventeen (Fast Finish 25p (bargain!) -Gemston-, nail colour, shade 13 - Gel Colour, Blackcurrant bomb -£3.99) Just spending that spare 20 minute painting your nail  can make you very happy. I find painting my nails is very relaxing, but not when they get smudge after thinking they were dry! Nail vanish is a must have all year round, but i find people paint their nails more in the colder months, than they do in the warmer months! This is a true fact for me!  

I hope you liked today blog, sorry that it is very long!
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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Autumn Walks

 Autumn walks are one of the best things, I could ever think of to do in the autumn! Hearing all the leaves crunching, when you stamp on them, all the leaves changing colours and especially the cold, sunny mornings. 

So today me and my mum went to Dyrham Park, this was my first time going and I was so excited to go, everyone says it is amazing and it truly was! I definitely recommend going, if you live near by! It is very photogenic! 

Dyrham Park, is known for having lots of wild deers and I was really looking forward to see some, we were walking down a path and lots of people were taking photos and we thought it was a statue for the start, but the closer we got the clearer it became and it turned out to be 3 deers altogether. I managed to get some really good shots!

The deers were so calm with everyone taking photos, I was a bit scared at the start just in case the male (the one with big antlers), would come and attack me, but luckily he didn't! Altogether I must of saw about 8 and they were all chilled and didn't mind anyone going up to them.

A lady, who worked at Dyrham Park, told us that the really big male was out today behind the house and that it is really rare to see him in front of everyone. There is an area boarded with wire, for the female deers to have a break from the males but the males tend to go underneath the wire and join the females. I think deers are really cute and they also the males remind me of Santa's reindeers, which gets me excited for Christmas!

Right at this minute they are redoing the house roof as 90% of it kept leaking water into the house, the house is very old and have a lot of history with it! Back in January 5 men put scaffolding up around the house to help the builders and they decided to make a path kind of thing, going all the way around the top of the house where visitors are allowed to go up to see what the builders are up to and of course see the view! Me and my mum walked all the way up the stairs and it was amazing when we got to the top!

We also went to the gardens and up through the woods, we found lots of tree stumps carved into shapes they were extremely good!
The gardens were so pretty and there was alot of unique things in the garden, I would dream to have a garden like Dyrham Houses! We found a cute little pond with lots of ducks, who were making a lot of noise, properly wanting bread, as they always do! Around the pond was lots and lots of flowers,

 which were very photogenic, I took a lot more than these ones, but these are the best ones! 

 We then carried on our walk around the gardens and found lots of different benches and we also found lots of love arches, how sweet! 

For being a term holiday, it was very quiet! I highly recommend going to Dyhram park, especially this holiday as there is a Halloween trail, which I was so tempted to ask my mum if I could do it!

I hope you all had a wonderful day!
I will not be uploading this frequently, I just really want to get my blog going!
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Wednesday, 21 October 2015

Halloween Treats

Halloween is right round the corner (Yippee), so today I decided to make some Halloween treats that you can have a go yourself.
Cupcakes (24)
200g Soft Margarine 
200g Caster Sugar 
250g Self Raising Flour
4 eggs 
200g Icing Sugar (normal icing) 
280g Margarine and 560g Icing Sugar (Butter Icing) 
24 Paper Cakes Cases
Sprinkles or sweets

1) Firstly set the oven for 180 degrees - Gas Mark 5
2) Secondly place the margarine, sugar,eggs and flours in a mixing bowl and mix altogether, until it  forms a even mixture.
3) Using a tablespoon, evenly divide the mixture between the paper cases 
4) Bake for 25 minutes until they are all a golden colour 
5) Next transfer the cakes to a cool surface 
Now wait till they have all cooled down
6) For the butter icing, whisk the margarine and icing sugar together until a smooth consistency
7) Next, put the butter icing in a piping bag and carefully swirl the butter icing around the top of the cakes. This part is all free style and up to you with what you want to do. 
8) Finally decorate the cakes, however you want to 
For the normal icing: 
6) Mix the icing sugar with a tiny bit of water, keep stirring and adding a little bit of water each time until it is the right consistency for you.
7) With a spoon carefully put a blob of the icing sugar on the middle of the cake and carefully swirl the cake around until the icing has covered the cake. 
8) Finally decorate the cake, however you want to
These cakes taste amazing and they are very addictive! 

Spider Biscuits:
50g Icing 
6 Plain digestive biscuits
Black writing icing

1) Firstly place 1 digestive on its back, on a flat surface 
2)  Mix the icing sugar with a tiny bit of water, keep stirring and adding a little bit of water each time until it is the right consistency for you
3) Next, with a teaspoon do a little circle of the icing and wait for it to set.
4) Finally, with the black writing icing draw 8 legs coming of the black circle (as you can see I only done 7, opps!) and draw some eyes!

Vampire Mouths
Biscuits cookies
Mini Marshmallows 
25g Icing sugars
Red writing icing (optional) 

1) Place 1 cookie on a flat surface
2) Mix the icing sugar with a tiny bit of water, keep stirring and adding a little bit of water each time until it is the right consistency for you
3) Next, cover the cookie with icing sugar (DO NOT LET IT DRY!)
4) Then, around the cookie place the marshmallows on top
5) Now, with another cookie cover the one with icing sugar and stick it on top of the marshmallows.
This is now optional: 
6) Finally, with the red writing icing draw lines with the pen to make it look like individuals teeth (mine didn't really work!) 

I hope you enjoyed today's blog post, make sure you tag me on instagram (@amybatchen) if you create any of these, be lovely to see!

Amy x