Saturday, 31 December 2016

My New Year Resolutions

2016 is coming to an end, which I am quite happy about as I love starting a new year even if that means I am getting a year older and time is going so fast! But then that also means more memories! 
This year I have done some amazing experiences which I would never in a million years would of thought I would have the opportunity to do. And this year has had a lot of downs but that's because I have let it happen to me. Therefore next year I am going to make it an amazing year!

Today I am going to share with you some of  my New Year Resolutions! 
Just to point out, I am not very good at sticking to things. 

>Be Much More Positive
If you know me, then you would know that I am such a negative thinker and everything I do, I would have a negative thought about it. 

>Be More Happy 
Being a negative thinker, does generally get you down, so trying to be positive will hopefully make me more happy. 

>Make tones of memories with family
This year I have spent most weekends with my family and I loved it! Making memories are great and then you can tell your children what you done when you were their age. 

I know revision isn't the funniest thing to do, but you only do your GCSE once, so you might as well put all your effort into it. 

>Get fitter
This may sound like a lie to do as I am a teenager but I generally think I do eat quite healthy compare to a lot of people who I know! But I would like to get fitter and I love walking my 2 dogs as well as cycle rides. Also did you know walking is meant to be the best exercise for you!?

>Live in the moment
I really do want to live in the moment not in the past or future. I am someone who tends to regret everything they do, just because I never really think things over I just do it, which is good in some ways but a few days later I will look back and be like why did I do that? 

That is just some things that I would like to do in 2017!
I also would like to blog more as I actually love it so much.

I hope your 2017 brings you so many happy memories

Saturday, 24 December 2016

Festive Lips

Hello everyone! 
Its Christmas Eve!
Today I am sharing with you the 2 lip products that I have been wearing over the festive season.

I find lots of lip sticks never stay on my lips for a long time, so I tend to just start the day of by wearing a nude colour, so when it does rub off its not that obvious that I was wearing a lipstick. Also I think I am rubbish at applying lipstick, as I always and I mean always get it all around my lips. That could be because my hands tend to shake when I hold things! Don't ask why my hands shake when I hold things as I don't know either. 

Knowing me, I have probably already mentioned this products before as I don't own many Christmassy lipsticks, which is a shame bare in mind I love darker shades.

My top favourite is Fond Farewell from Seventeen. This was a gift from my brother last Christmas, and I love it so much! As I am unlucky to have extremely pale skin, this colour doesn't wash me out too much. 
The Seventeen Stay Pout collection retail as £4.49, which if I am honest I think its a bit too pricey as it doesn't stay on your lips very long and especially I think its a great colour for the festive season, people drink quite a lot through December so its rubs off easily.

The last festive lip colour is Cherry Pop from Clinique. Its a lovely red and suits most people, which is very good! What I love about this product is that its not sticky after you have applied it to your lips its stays very matte. 
For £16 I think this is quite a good price and that Clinique is high end, £16 is good for a highend lipstick. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Love Amy xx

Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016

Its nearly Christmas day! This year has gone so fast! 
Today I am going to write about what I have asked for, for Christmas. In no means am I expecting any of this. It was just to give family and friends and idea of what I would like or what I enjoy. 

I have had my eye on this ring since the Pandora store in my town has open. I love the infinity symbol anyway, and I think this will go really nice with my other 2 I already have.

I also really like this ring, its so simply and will go with anything.

I have never owned anything from Sleek, and I have heared so much about Sleek and lots have recommended it. This gift box is from boots and currently reduced to £25! It has 10 products inside, and I think that is amazing for £25.

*A Curler 
I have never owned a curler, and I just think I will enjoy curling my hair every now and again as I find plaiting my hair and straightening it very therapeutic! 

Any clothes would do to be honest, I don't actually have that many clothes that fit properly most of it is too big for me. 

*A Watch 
Again I don't mind what watch it is, maybe a silver watch would be nice.

I got one last year for Christmas which I use for school, but the one I have at home is so old and disgusting but its not a compact one so its get wrecked very easily.

*Nail Vanishes 
I have really enjoyed painting my nails recently and that fact I managed to go all last week with nail vanish on at school really shocked me! As a few teachers don't like nail vanish and I even represented my school in its Christmas Concerts and Assemblies with band, where there was all Senior Leadership team and no one said anything!

*A New School Bag
Right ok, I did buy one in the summer but its actually too small, so my mum has taken it for work, so I am currently using my old one from last year but its starting to fall apart! 

Well actually I have asked for a lush voucher as on boxing day, Lush always have a sale and I can get everything half price. 

This is all really I am asking for. I will be very grateful for no matter what I get for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas
Amy xx

Saturday, 29 October 2016

Its ok to...

Its ok to...
cry in front of people. 
be a sensitive person.
not be friends with people who have proven you wrong.
have a change.
tell people what you are thinking.
tell the truth.
eat that chocolate bar.
make mistakes. 
be different. 
have goals/dreams in live. 
have a chat. 

1) Its ok to cry in front of people
Whether that's your parents, friends, a teacher, anyone. And yes its perfectly fine to cry multiply times in a week/month in front of that same person. But please do not think you are wasting their time! So many people don't let things out because they are scared that they are wasting the other persons time. No you are not! 10 minutes of their day, is all it takes to let things out and you will feel so much better afterwards. They may not look like they care, However you are not being silly or anything. Its no ones fault that whatever going on in your head is there. We can not control what our brains think. 

2) Its ok to F.A.I.L
Fail means First Attempt In Learning. You could fail multiple times but you are learning and life is all about learning. So don't beat yourself up because of it.

3) Its ok to be a sensitive person
We are all different here, and we all take things differently. I am, myself, a sensitive person and things do hit me. But do not think that you are silly or pathetic just because you are the only one who have gotten upset because of it. 

4) Its ok to not be friends with people who have proven you wrong
Its true that friends don't stay. We all grow every day into another person as we are learning who we really are in life. Things change to make people change. People turn out to be different and its fine to say goodbye to someone. 

5) Its ok to have a change
Maybe that's in your fashion style, or haircut. Its perfectly fine to change. Its fine to change jobs, schools. If something making you down change it and don't worry about what other people think that's their problem.

6) Its ok to tell people what you are thinking
This links to number 1. If you want to tell someone how you feel about them, then tell them. Tell everyone!

7) Its ok to tell the truth
Tell people what have just happened, tell them everything. If something happens the next day about the same thing go and tell them. This could be told to anyone!

8) Its ok to eat that chocolate bar
Just eat it! Don't worry about the calories or if you have already eaten a chocolate bar today. We are not here to hate our body or hate what choices we have just made. We are here to enjoy life to the fullest! 

9) Its ok to make mistakes
We all make mistakes, whether thats solving a problem or doing something that has affected you in a way that you didn't think it would. Don't regret doing it, if someone has told you something about it that has made you cringe. Oh well, its fine. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, its life. We are learning everyday.

10) Its ok to be different
Don't think you have to be the same as everyone else, as you don't. Its amazing to stand out from the crowd, I promise. People may judge at first but don't let that put you down.

11) Its ok to have goals/dreams in life
You are never too young to know what you would like to achieve in life. I already know what I would like to be when I grow up and theres nothing wrong with that.
'Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with bug dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts'.

12) Its ok to have a chat
Chat about anything and everything, We live in a world where technology takes over us. Its fine to have a chat in person with someone, go to Starbucks, sit there for hours on end having a right old giggle, laugh. Its also ok to have a chat with someone over phone too.

I feel that these are some things that people struggle to come to terms with, I can relate to so many of these, as I feel like its not ok  to do something, as I don't know anyone else who has done what I have just did and I tend to put myself down and it plays over and over again in my head and I will cringe about it and regret doing it. But whats in the past, is in the past. And NO ONE should judge you from your past. 

Amy xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pandora Will Always Be My Favourite

I am posting today because I feel bad that I haven't uploaded over the past couple of weeks. 

Pandora will always be my favourite! I am lucky enough to own 2 rings that Pandora sell and I love them both to pieces. 

I got given this for Christmas a few years back from my parents and its my favourite one out of the 2 that I own. Its so simply. I love that its hearts all joint together to make a ring. 
This ring is £35 which I think is a really good price for it. £35 is quite cheap for Pandora but then I think its a reasonably price. 

My hand is so ugly, ahah
My birthday is in April, so it makes sense that I got the diamond birthstone ring. I think us April babies are so lucky to have diamond as our birthstone, as a lot of rings have a diamond stone and it means something a bit more special to us. 
If I am honest I don't think this on is really worth £40, only because underneath the diamond, it does tend to get quite dirty, but otherwise its a really nice ring. 

I am thinking about getting a Pandora charm bracelet but I don't know if its worth it. So if you own one please let me know if they are worth the money. 

Hope everyone having a nice day 
Amy xx

Sunday, 23 October 2016

1 Year Of Amy Rose

Hi everyone! 
Sorry that I haven't posted anything over the past couple of weeks. To make up for that I will posting a few next week, as I am on half term.

Today post is to celebrate Amy Rose 1st birthday! I created this blog on the 19th October 2015, and uploaded my first post on the 21st. 
I created this blog just for somewhere to write everything and anything on and we have grown so much. We are nearly on 70 followers on Bloglovin, 28 followers on Blogger, that's nearly 100 people. I know that's not a lot compared to a lot of other blogs, but I never thought I will be able to get 50 followers let alone nearly 100. 
As well we are on 8.3K+ views and I personally think that's insane. I have people from America and Australia reading my blog! 

Thank you all so much for all of your support and I read everyone comments on my posts and everyone is so lovely. 

I will be back from now on writing blog posts every week, hopefully! Next week there will be a few going up. So make sure you are following me. 

Amy xx

Saturday, 24 September 2016

An Autumn Eye Palette

How fast is this year going? Its already autumn, it felt like yesterday that it was easter! 
Today post is all about an eye shadow palette which I brought in the airport before I jetted off to Ibiza in the summer holidays. 

I'm not really an eye shadow girl, I prefer buying foundation and blusher, but when I saw the Bare Minerals counter something clicked and was like 'Amy get your bum over there and just have a look, but don't buy anything'. Yeah well that didn't go to plan. 
I saw this beautiful eye shadow palatte with 8 different shades from matte to shimmer, and as I have never own anything from Bare Minerals, I went straight to my mum and asked if I can have it and she said yes! YIPPIEE

 Top row, left to right - Hot Commodity, Nude Beach, Bare Skin and Pure
Bottom row, left to right - In The Buff, Natural, Perspective and Celebrate

The palette is called The Sexy Neutrals and I believe its air port exclusive, but if you can get your hands on then 100% get it! The eye shadow lasts around 8 hours which I think is a reasonable time. I paid £29, which is a bit too much as the eye shadow their selves an't that big but they are so pigment and bold! These eye shadow colours go so well with brown or hazel eyes, which is a plus sided for me as I have hazel/green eyes. 

My favourite shades are In the Buff and Celebrate. 
In the Buff is a bronzey pinky shade with lots of shimmer but not too much so it ruins the everyday look. I wear this shade to school and my school can be quite strict on makeup but no one has said anything about it, which means that I think its an okay school colour. 
Celebrate is a very neutral on the lid base colour or just a bit of pop to the lid when you don't want to wear a lot of makeup. 

So far, I am loving this palette and I think its going to be so useful and its going to be my go to eye shadow palette this Autumn!

Whats your favourite eye shadow? 
Amy xx

Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hows your week back at school going? Draining, exciting, nerve racking...

Today I would like to share some of my goals for this school year and some general advice and hopefully this will help whether you are starting secondary school, going into GCSE/A Levels/BTEC, what ever I hope this will help most of you some way or another. 

My number 1 goal for this year: To remain as happy and positive as I can be! 
If you were in any of my lessons last year you would of probably seen me cry at least 5 times. I am very emotional but my emotions were so high last year everything, I would end up crying. But here's a fact I don't cry when I am actually feeling upset. I cry when I am frustrated, worried, happy, excited. Weird an't I! 
To the member of staff and the teacher, you will know who you are even though you won't be reading this, well probably not, thank you for last year. Seeing me all over the place it meant so much, all the help and support. 

Hand writing needs to stay NEAT
Amy, the amount of times you got big red lines all through your work, yeah you remember your RS book, all the crosses and negatives that were in the book and you thought the red pen looked messy. Yeah love, you were the one that was making it messy! 
Is it just me that can feel the different in text books, like the texture of the page? Even though they are all the same brand? 

If you are ill accept the fact you are ill 
Last year my health wasn't that good last October/November ended in multiple doctors and AAE.
 If you are ill don't force your self to go into school, as you knew how much pain your foot was in when that teacher thought you were about to faint so they dropped the box of books on your foot. 

I know a lot of subjects do one part of the topic every lesson, so  if you  missed a lesson you missed out on about 5 marks on your test, which equals to a whole level/grading down. 
There is nothing stopping you to contact your teacher, email them, leave a message at receptions phone, get your friend to get you the work. Just as it may sound cringey to write an emailing to your teacher to ask for work. No one is going to know, so no one is going to call you a nerd or geek. Plus your teacher prefers you to catch up on the work as its less stress for them. 

Put 100% into your homework
Yes I know homework doesn't really mean much, but the amount of times you had to stay behind to finish work off or you fell out with teachers as they emailed your mum. 
Make it colourful and unique! This may sound mean but do not and I mean DO NOT, help others out with their homework, that is their fault that they can't do it, not yours. Your spare time is to be used up on what you love to do, not helping people figure out what the Pythagoras to this triangle is. 

Get up and go to the toilet, if you are not allowed to go 
Quite a few teachers at my school don't let us go to the toilet through lesson times, but if you need to go you have the rights too go. Its your health that is more important than your education. 
Don't feel bad getting up and leaving the classroom, and yeah ok they may put a negative on your sims but you needed that wee, you may get a detention but don't go to it! 

Here a tip to go to the toilet through lesson, just say you need to go and get a tissue or you left your pencil case in another class, it works all the time! Well with me it does. 

Remember your keys and water bottle 
I can not stress enough, if you leave you bottle at home, you are in for a long day! I think my school lends you money if you forget your lunch or water, I am not to sure, but just go and explain the situation to reception and I am sure they will help. Plus your friends may have some money too. 
Keys, if you forget your keys then you are stuck outside of your house for a long time especially if you siblings have forgotten theirs too! 

Have fun, make mistakes 
We are still all children here, learning about the world. I know teachers assume we know whats right or whats wrong already in our life but we don't. If you and your friend want to go and do something, go and do it, you may get in trouble, it may go on your record but when you go and apply for a job they are not going to care about what you done on 22nd October 2016, are they? And NO one should judge you via your mistakes, teachers make mistakes all the time, our parents do too even our grand-parents. Its life and that just what happens. 
You will look back on what you done and you will laugh about it, promise. 

Try your best this year, get the grades you are happy with

Amy xx

Saturday, 3 September 2016

Another Travel To A Different Place In The World // IBIZA 2016

Hola (hello in spanish) 
On Monday 22nd August, me and my family flew out to Ibiza. Ibiza is a little island to the right of Spain. It was around a 2 hour long flight and we landed in Ibiza airport at 6:25. 
And the holiday began...

We stayed in and all inclusive hotel in Cala Pala, a 30 minute walk from St. Eulalia. The hotel was amazing and all the staff and entertainment reps were all lovely and helpful. As it was an all inclusive hotel, it meant we can just go and help our self to food and drinks all through out the day, plus the drinks bar was open 24/7! So if you want to get drunk then you can. 

What I got up to: 

There was fun and games through out the whole day for all ages.
 Me and my brother done the Club Magic Dance everyday in the pool, which was such a laugh especially, we were some of the oldest doing it. We also done water polo, which is so hard if you are small like me, and people can only see your head when you are in the pool.
Also me and my family played a game of golf, which was fun even though I get bored very easily as I an't good at that either.

As a family we went down to the beach, as it was about a 2 minute walk, and we went on a clift walk from Cala Pala beach to Nikki beach, and the closer we got to Nikki beach the clearer and the more blue the sea got. I've never seen sea so blue before, so me being me, I took a lot of photos! 

Night time walks into St Eulalia. To get into town and the marina, it was straight up the road that our hotel laid on, so there was no option in getting lost, however this road was miles long, it took us about 30 minutes in the heat to walk, but at least I  may of burnt all the ice-cream I ate off, well some of it!

Swimming in the pool! This was what I got the most excited for every day. I never go swimming at home, so having 4 different pools to choice from, made my excitement rise. 
I don't tend to swim, its more mess around and look stupid, but who cares as no one knows you, and you all, got to have some fun.
Me and my brother done a lot of handstands competitions and throwing each other up in the air, as you are apparently 80% lighter in water.

Some Of The Best Parts Of My Holiday: 
1) Pancakes every morning for breakfast!
2) Getting a tan. If you know me in person you will know how pale I am, but my tan just looks like a normal white British person skin colour, unfortunately 
3) Cinderella (non-alcoholic cocktail), this was made by either pineapple or orange juice with this kiwi juice. It is heaven!
4) Club Magic Dance, as I mentioned before, this is a dance which you do with the entertainment reps about 5 times a day, its so funny and the song is so catchy 

Ibiza was a great holiday, and I would love to go back when I am around 18 to 21, with friends as we all know that Ibiza is a big party island. 

Amy xx
-All photos were taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy A3) not my camera

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Twitter and Instagram

I've now got Twitter and Instagram for my blog!

Instagram is my favourite social media. I find it so easy to use and to make new friends! 
If you follow my personal instagram you will know how addictive I am to it. I post literally everything I do. However on my public account, I won't be! I want this account to be where I can come and chat to you all and get to know who follows my blog. I want my instagram to be a bit of a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of coming blog post.
Now I don't really get along with twitter, but I am trying to! 
Twitter is where I will be doing random Q&A just for the people who follow my twitter, so you can get to know me better. 
Plus we can all have a big laugh altogether. 
Twitter will be where you can help me too; deciding what next post to write, things like that! So if you want a say in something come over.

Everyone who follows me before Monday 5th September, I will be following back on both social media.

Feel free to DM or tweet me, as I will reply!

Little Update!
I feel like my blog is dragging again, I feel I am not putting as much effort into my posts as I normal do. So if you feel like there's a change happening then there is. I am going to put more effort in for hopefully some longer posts and better quality.

Amy xx

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Make-Up That I Wore On Holiday

Heyia, I hope you are all well!
I am currently lying on a sun bed trying to get a tan!
Todays post is what make-up I took on holiday with me. 

-Loreal Infallible Primer- 
Priming your face before make-up, gives a layer of protecting on your face, to hopefully stop makeup going into pores and preventing more! I love this primer as it makes my skin so soft and it smells really nice!

- Loreal Infallible Foundation- 
This is my number 1 foundation, so I took this with me, as its so easy to apply and it matches my skin tone perfect! Its a very build-able foundation, so if I want a more coverage look then this is perfect for that use.

-MAC Studio Fix- 
This foundation is currently too dark for my skin colour, yes I am basically as white as a piece of paper! So if I do tan then hopefully this will be ok. I rarely tan on my face and I don't know why. MAC Studio Fix, isn't one of my favourite foundations at the moment of time as I think its too watery and I think it will be better if you have a dry face. However when I am on holiday in the sun my face becomes quite dry, so this is a great foundation for that. 

-Seventeen Stay Time Concealer- 
For the days where I don't want to wear much makeup or if its extremely hot. As who wants to do a nice face of makeup and then for it all to melt of your face! This is great concealer if you don't want much coverage, its light and natural.

-Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder- 
We all have that go to powder which keeps running back into your make-up bag and this is mine, it stops the oily glow which you can sometimes get after you apply your foundation and it makes your make-up look amazing! 

-Collection Contour Kit-
Instead of taking a bronzer and highlighter on its own, this duo is perfect! The bronzer is very natural and buildable and the highlight is extremely good for drugstore! You can also use both shades for eye shadow too!

-Seventeen Blush (Nude)- 
For being a couple of pounds, you can not go wrong. This blush stays on so well and it is gorgeous for when you have a tanned face. Seventeen do a whole lot of different shades of blusher and they are all so pretty!

-Loreal Infallible Setting Spray- 
After I done my base, I love to use this and it sets my make-up very well and I have definitely seen a different in how long my makeup have stayed on my face since using this!

-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara- 
My go to mascara, its easy to apply and lasts all day, its perfect to do a buildable black eye, and looks beautiful with a winged eyeliner! 

-Babylips (Cherry Me)-
Just a basic lip balm for every day use to not get chapped lips

-MAC Lipstick (Angel) -
Lovely pink shade, so easy to apply and looks amazing with a bright pink blush and a lot of highlighter. 
I recommend getting lipsticks from Duty free in airports as they are a lot cheaper!

-Kiko Lipstick (01)-
The perfect nude! Stunning colour for a natural look. 
Kiko lip products are so moisturizing and I love them so, so much. 

Let me know where you have been this Summer, if you have been anywhere or what you have done.

Amy xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Back To School - Q&A


I am currently on Holiday, so this is a really short post.

I asked on my previous post for questions for a Back To School Q&A, I also asked on my personal Socail Media for question too, I will be getting an Instagram for my blog and possibly a twitter to! But for now, I think leaving questions in the comments will do!

Q) What are you doing for GCSE? 
(This question was asked by Shay, and I highly recommend you go and subscribe to his youtube! Its Hey it's Shay

A) I am doing Maths, English Lit and Lang, Science, Full-course R.S, History, Geography, Psychology and Business Studies. 
Can I just get this out there, why has my school suddenly decided that instead of giving you the option to do short-course R.S or full-course, they decided that everyone should do full-course!

Q) What are your best tips on keeping organised with homework etc during the school term?
(This question was asked by Alice from
I personally and I know you shouldn't is do my homework in other lessons which I am bored in. But otherwise, do the homework which you are more interested in first or the ones that are due in sooner as it will get your mind set into homework mode for you to complete the rest.

Q) If you could re-start Secondary School, would you?
A) Yes 100%

Q) Have you ever swore at a teacher?
A) If a teacher from my school is reading this, then don't put me in isolation!
Yes I have, to my French teacher, but it just came out, but he laughed anyway. He doesn't teach at my school anymore.

Q) Have you been abroad with school?
A) Yes, I went to France last year with my side of year as we were the French side. At my school there's 2 sides of years, French and German, the French side learns French obvious and the German learn German.
I am also going back to France next year with Band for my schools Band Tour

Q) Do you regret anything you done in school? 
A) I don't regret anything as I believe you do something because it was the only option to or you just done  it for a laugh. But if I could re-do that situation again then I will do it a different way. Last school year, now looking back on it, I don't have a clue why I done or said literally and I mean literally everything  I did or say and it makes me cringe so much!

Q) What have you missed the most this Summer?
A) Not going to band every Tuesday morning, if you did not know I play the flute and I am part of my schools Senior Band.

Q) What are you most looking forward to in September?
A) Meeting my new tutor, like I don't want a new tutor but I think it will be cool, I dunno. My school is going into a vertical tutor system in September.

Q) Do you like school?
A) Yes, I do, I like the environment of school but not what school gives off, like stress, worriness, I don't think its needed but its just the teachers keep going on about your future.

Q) Is Secondary school scary?
A) No, not at all, you meet new friends really quickly and you get the support you need from all the teachers, even though you may not think it!

Let me know when you go back to school! I go back 2nd September.

Amy x

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Whats In My School Bag //BTS-2016


Sorry that I didn't upload at any point last week, I just wasn't feeling myself and I don't know...but I'm back today with a Whats In My School Bag 2016! 

 This is my school bag, you might of seen it in my previous haul but its a grey tote bag, with a long strap and 2 handles from accessorize. I brought this for £19.99 in the sale, which I think is a reasonably price for what the bag is. Its a very structure, hard bag, if that makes any sense! I don't think it  will lose it shape for that reason. 

Connecting to one of the straps, I have this butterfly key-ring, its pretty old as it came with a bag that my mum brought years ago, but I recently found it when I was clearing underneath my bed. 
I think this just gives the bag more detail and a pop of colour!

So this is what the bag looks like when you look into it. It has 5 pockets/sections to it, which means you can organsie it very well!

The bigger Zip pockets contain the essentials that I don't really need on an every day basic. The secetion underneath contains book, homework all of the school stuff. 
There's a little zip pocket inside that section which will have my phone in it.
The zip below that has the more personal things. 
Then the section  below that has the bits and bobs that you need to get you through the day. 

Probably the most import thing that's in my bag, for school, is my school books. 
I get at least 1 book for every subject, sometimes I get given 2 as ones for the work and the other one is keywords. However over the academic year, I end up getting like 2 to 3 books for every subject as I fill them up. Last year I think I went through 5 Maths books, yeah the troubles of being in top set Maths! 
The only book that I have at the moment is my Science book, its turned round the other way as it has my teachers from last year names on it, and if they see this, like they probably won't, but they  may get all fussy about it, and I ant going into isolation for that! (this is how ridiculous my school is, you get put in isolation for the most stupid reasons!) Plus there's this target sticker at the bottom which has my schools name on it.
The next useful thing is my Planner, but I get a new one every year and I haven't started back yet, I would show you the one I had last year but its not very tidy nor neat! 

To keep my homework and letters all neat, I have this floral wallet from Tescos, I may not use this as I tend to fold letters up neatly into my planner or stick homework sheets into my book before I leave the class room and because I am so lazy and don't want to waste my ink, most of the time I do my homework on my laptop and email it to my teachers.

In the bigger zip pocket, I keep this clear pink pencil case which has my calculator, a compass, a protractor and a spare pen. 

I also keep in there this pack of 10 Fineliner Pens, I don't take my Staedtler Pens to school just in case they get nicked. These are only really useful for colouring my timetable in, I do a line underneath the subject, as I don't like it messy. 

Next thing in my bag is my Pencil Case, this is from Tescos and it was £3. If you want to know whats in my pencil case then click here

Look at me! Having matching water bottle and lunch box! I have got the Sistema purple and green collection. The bottle was £2, I think, from Morrisons and the lunch box was £3 from Sainsburys.

 In the middle zip pocket, I keep Paracetamols, Acid Reflux tablets, Strepsils, Rescue Remedy and my inhaler. 
Paracetamols are because I get really strong headaches, I don't know why to be honest as I fill my bottle up at least once at school. 
Acid Reflux tablets, because I have it, nothing much else to say about that. 
Strepsils, for when I have a cold, which is rarely, I never really get ill. 

Rescue Remedy, this is the best thing is you get anxious, have panic attacks, the only problem is that teachers think its a sweet. 
And lastly is my inhaler, as whenever I get anxious my chest starts to close up and it kills. 

I also carry my keys, these are not my front door keys as they are somewhere in my house, these stay in my school bag for the back door just incase my brother and I forget our keys, which does happen! I also have a hair band connected to it, for PE. 
 The last thing I keep is my Radley Umbrella in my bag as at my school we are not allowed in classrooms at break or lunch times, so we are stuck outside which when it rains, mainly every day in England, you get very wet! 

This is everything I keep in my bag for school, I hope this may help with some of you who are stuck on what to keep in your bag or are starting Secondary school! 

I want to do a Back To School Q&A for Thursday post, but I will have to write it up tomorrow night as I go on holiday on Monday, so please leave as many questions as you would like to in the comments!

Amy xx