Sunday, 31 January 2016

Brush Collection //Jan 2016


I'm going to share with you my  make-up brushes collection! 
-Just to point out, I have brought most of these brushes, kindly been given them or they have came free! 

I have 2 makes which are the Real Techniques and Seventeen brushes: 

~Powder Brush 
~Angled Highlighter Brush 
~Contour Brush 
~Detailer Brush 
~Buffing Brush 
~Foundation Brush 
~Multi-task Brush 
~Expert Face Brush 
~Fine Liner brush 
~Tapered Foundation Brush
~Pointed Foundation Brush
~Base Shadow Brush 

^Those ones are all Real Techniques and my favourite one is the Tapered Foundation one, it comes with the Delux set, which I think you can only buy at christmas! It is amazing for bronzing up your face, to give you a nice flawless 'tan' look!

For the Seventeen Brush I own: 

~2x Eye Shadow Brush
~Cheek Brush
~Lip Brush

Sorry that this is a short post!
Hope you liked it though 

Amy x

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  1. Loved this post Amy, real techniques brushes are definitely my faves. x