Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Little Place For Notes And Doodles// MCD


Before I start I would like to tell you about 1 thing I  have been planning for ages!
Once every month, I want to do a whole Blogpost on different parts of my room! As I really enjoy knowing what other people have in their rooms, for inspiration and just because I am nosey, I have named this little series My Colourful Den.
A lot of  these things I have brought myself and have collected over the years as I hate getting rid of things! I am not trying to show off, as there isn't no need for that! 

Today I would like to share with you what's on and in my desk. 
I have the Ikea Micke Desk and the Ikea Add-on Unit, in the colour white. I love this desk so much as there is so much storage! The Add-on Unit, also comes with a white-board which is magnetic, which I love for doodling and writing important notes down! 

As you can see from the side I don't keep just stationary and bits and bobs like that, I keep my makeup in the top 2 drawers and in the bottom department I keep, old school books as well as current school books, camera equipment and other technology stuff, spare stationary like pens and pencils for school and also notebooks!
For part of this, I will be doing a make-up collection!
So keep an eye out for that.

On the unit, I keep a jewellery box, some perfumes, a picture frame, some more pens and pencils, 2 succulents, some magazines, a little cat clock and a memo block!

Picture 1:
- A Paperchase Notebook 
-Gorjuss Girl Notebook
-Staedtler Pack Of 30 Pens
-Teal Jar With Some Paper Clips In
-A Skurar Pot
-Lots Of Random Black And Blue Pens
-Pink And White Pot
-Gold Note book
-A Glass Jar With Sand Inside And My Name Going All The Way Around It

Picture 2:
-Staedtler Pack Of 30 Pens
-Teal Jar With Some Paper Clips In
-Gorjuss Girl Notebook
-A Skurar Pot
-Inkjoy Pen
-Zebra Pen
-Cristal Fun Bic Bio Pen
-Sticky Notes

Picture 3:
-Real Techniques Brushes
-Seventeen Brushes
-Tanya Burr Nail Vanish, Sugar Plum
-A Clear Jar
-Cotton Wool Pads
-A Clear Jar With The Word Love
-Blue Stones
-RNLI Picture Holder

Pictures 4:
-Yankee Candle Medium Jar, Sparkling Snow
-Little Fox Jar

Picture 5:
-Glamour Magazines
-Little Sticky Pencils

Picture 6:
-Glamour Magazines
-A Succulent 
-A Blue Candle Jar
-Lumix Camera
-2 Little Statues: Effiel Tower and Arc De Triomphe
-2 Pandora Ring Boxes
-Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Thank you so much for 3.5k page views! That's amazing!Also thank you to everyone who has followed via Bloglovin, Google Connect and Google+, if you haven't already then make sure you do!

Amy x
'Enjoy The Little Things'

-Most things are linked, if something isn't linked it means I can not find it, so ask me in the comments if you would like to know!


  1. Love this post! Congrats
    Congrats on that many page views!!!!

  2. This is such a good post idea and congrats on soo many views!!! Do you have instagram or anything as I'd love to talk to you some more? xxx

    Kate// http://katerosexo1.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Hi! Yeah I do @amybatchen xx

    Thank you xx

  4. That's a really good post idea! I look forward to seeing more each month. Congrats on 3.5k page views x