Thursday, 7 January 2016

What's In My School Bag //Jan 2016 Edition


Now most people have gone back to school for the New Year. I would like to share with you a What's In My School Bag. I know everyone does this in September when we all go into our new years, but you have to be honest half of the thing you put in your school bag in September time the end of that month goes, you have lost a lot of it or have found out you actually do not need it! That's why I am going to do mine now, as this is generally what's in my bag. 

The school bag that I am using right at  this moment is this green tote bag from H&M. I do tend to swap my bags all around to backpacks and other bags, as I get easily bored with the same one!

The first thing in my bag, is my pencil case. This is always in my bag everyday, as it has all of my stationary that I need in order to learn!
It is from Morrisons and costed £3, it is actually a wash bag, but its the perfect size for me!

At my school you are only allowed to write in blue or black for written work. I have 2 Zebra Medium pens in the colour black. We also have to have a pencil, ruler, a green pen (for Self/Peer Assessment). I also keep some other colourful pens for notes or sentence that  need to stand out, instead of using a highlight, a compass, sharpener, a rubber and some highlighters for highlighting text.

The next thing, which I have to  have in my bag, is  my planner. We get given these at the start of every new year, with our timetables and a lot of boring school rules and stuff!
As you may be thinking on the left, what is that on top of my planner? Its piece of paper with some drawing my science teacher drew for me, as I didn't get the science behind something we done in science! The actually picture is of some year 11 on the school field reading!

I do tend to have my school books with me, but they are all at school for either marking or some teachers don't like us taking our books home! 

I also keep my calculator, which is the pink Casio Scientific one, a baby lips, paracetamol, hair bands, a little coin purse and some money.

As well as that I have some of those female stuff, because either you will need one or your friends will! And you all know what I am on about!

On some days, I will need to bring in a reading book for Fiction and every Thursday in tutor we have to read, which I actually don't I just sit there and stare at random things in my tutor room, like everyone else does! I also on Wednesdays have my flute lessons and I bring in my music diary and the piece that I have been learning that week, I am currently learning a piece called Going On. 

That is all I keep in my school bag!
I hope you enjoyed knowing what I keep in my bag. 
Comment down below what year you are in and if you are in year 10 or 11,  comment what GCSE/BTEC you are doing! 

Amy x


  1. Great post Amy, I really like seeing what people have in their bags. And I'm in year 12.

  2. Lovely post Amy! Love seeing other peoples stationery and what they carry in their bags!

  3. I wish I could still use pretty pencil cases but in year 11 it's best to keep yur stuff in a clear one instead :-( Love your stationary!
    Dalal x

    1. I do sort of prefer clear pencil cases, but you can't fit as much in them xx

  4. I'm in year 13 & I always hated the fact writing had to be done in blue/black ink, I can't live without my coloured pens!xo

    C | Another Cinderella Story

    1. Coloured pens, make everything look so much prettier aha xx

  5. I love how colourful everything is! :) xx

    1. I love being all bright and colourful 😂 xx