Monday, 29 February 2016

Your Best Friend

This weekend, its Mothers Day for everyone in the UK!
Now I am aware that people don't have mothers or they don't celebrate mothers day. 
Instead you can give something nice to maybe your Dad, Auntie or Nan. 

What do people do on Mothers Day? 
Everyone celebrates Mothers Day differently, a lot of people give their mums a card and a few little gifts, some people go out for lunch or tea, some go on family walks and some do nothing. What ever you do, I will expect your mum will be very grateful!

What to get for you mum? 
It depends on your price range some people spend a couple of pounds, other spend £20/£40. 
Here are some of my ideas on what to get you mum if you are stuck- 
Chocolates- everyone loves some good old chocolate
Candles- maybe your mum favourite scent 
Flowers- I think flowers are the traditional gift people give to their mums on Mothers Day!
A Photo Album - Now if you are feeling a bit creative maybe make a collage of all your happy memories spent with you mum  and then put it in a photo frame. 
A card- I  think the best gift you can giver someone is a card no matter if it cost you 59p from Card Factory or £3 from Clintons, that card will make your mum very happy! 

Just  because its  'Mothers Day' doesn't mean that's the only day you should treat your mum and behave! Maybe you are saving up for something to spoil your mum, don't worry if you haven't got enough money yet!

Amy x

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  1. This was a lovely post! I'm definitely going to go out tomorrow to buy a treat for my mum! x