Tuesday, 28 June 2016

Things We All Hate About School!

Today's post is something a bit different. As some of you have now finished this academic year or are soon to be. I wanted to write about 15 things that is so annoying about school, the little things that makes school life terrible!

1. The Medical Room 
I assume every school has one of these. Why, whats the point in them? You go to reception because you WANT to go home as you feel unwell. But no, you have to go and sit in The Medical Room. So you are on your way and you get stopped by one of your teachers and they ask 'Where are you going?' and you reply with 'Medical' and then they say 'You look perfectly fine!'. 
Whats the point in that! 

You get to the Medical Room and sit down, you wait 10mins and still no one has came to see you, you now wait another 10 mins and then some random lady comes and ask whats wrong, you tell her. Then she disappears and when she comes back she says 'Miss, so and so wants to speak to you'. And all you want to do is go home! So you speak to another random person and then they say 'Nah, you are fine'. 

2. Supply Teachers 
Cover lesson are always the best! You do no work, you mess around. But then the supply teacher walks out of the room and brings back a member of Senior Leadership or some other kind of high up person who works at school. 
The supply teacher is so happy that the class is about to get told off. 
But no, all they say is 'Behave and listen to the cover'
They go and then you start to mis-behave again and then the supply teachers come round and makes some rubbish lies up to you! 

3. Things That Gets Taken Out Of Portion 
We have all been in a position where you might be in a meeting about something or you just end up talking to a teacher and no matter what you say it will get taken as a mental health issue, somethings happening at home, things that you do not have a problem with. Then you end up in more meetings about whats going to happen next, how to help this situation. 

For an example- I was in a meeting the other day with Senior Leadership, I said one thing and then they get on the phone to my parents saying  I have this, I have that, so your parents start to worry and in reality you don't! 

4. Basing Every Test That You Do On Your Future
NO! Trigonometry isn't going to be in Tescos! Nor is the cells in a leave! 

5.You Are The Only Person In Your Class Who Doesn't Understand Something and The Teachers Reply's 'You Weren't Listening' 
Comment below if you have ever been in this position, stuck on what to do as you generally don't understand it. 

6. Leaving Things In Your Last Lesson 
PE kit, pencil case, coat the little things that we just leave under the table, on top of the desk and then you realize when you get into your next lesson. 
You ask your teacher if you can pop to you last class to get something and they say 'yes' (sometime its a no!), so you head to your class and then your teacher is not in there and their door is locked! Or your teacher is teaching another class, students who are older than you. You make the casual look around for your belongings and then you find it no where near your seat! 

7. Homework That Gets Set For The Next Day! 
Come on! Really??? I was planning on going out with friends tonight but no that plan is ruined. 

8. Toilets- 'You Should Of Gone At Break Or Lunch' 

If you go to a school, like mine, where most subjects are in a block on their own and you are not allowed in classrooms at break or lunch, it is a nightmare to get in to a block to go to the toilets. You either get kicked out, yet you haven't even made it to the toilet or you get told to go to the Canteen. That's 3 toilets for 600+ girls!

You end up getting to you next lesson and asking too go to the toilet and they say 'You Should Of Gone At Break'. yeah well I couldn't get in. 
Realistically why is there toilets in this block if we are not allowed to go at break, lunch or through lesson time? 

9. The Random Negative Or Detention That Get Put On The Sims 
You find out you have a detention tonight for let say French, you think about all the times you could of possibly of gotten a detention for: Threw a rubber to your mate, getting up to put rubbish in the bin then you realize you done that 4 months ago. Then you find out the real reason why you got this detention tonight and its because you apparently talked over your teacher in a rude way!?

10. Sitting On The Floor In Assembly 
 Who else hates sitting on the cold floor for 15/20 mins listening to you Head Of Year/House talking about the most boring things ever?

11. Getting An Award That Doesn't Need To Be Celebrated
This one links in with number 10, so you are sat on the floor and your name gets read out because you helped your teacher carry some books over to another room! The most pathetic thing that I do not need a packet of sweets or a voucher for. Yes ok we all like sweets and vouchers but you have to walk to the front embarrassed!

12. Getting A Slip To Go To Reception Or To Senior Leadership/Head Of Year/House Office 
Your teacher gives you a slip to tell you to go somewhere, and the moment you get that piece of paper your stomach drops as you have no idea what its about and you have all of your class saying 'You're in trouble'. 
Most of the time when you go to Reception its just something tiny, like your glasses were found, the trip was cancelled so here's your money back. 
But when you have to go to someones office, it makes matters so much worse, you are sweating, you feel sick as you don't know what you have done or you know you done something but it doesn't need higher member of staff to sort it out! 

13. You Tried Your Hardest In A Test And You Worked Extremely Hard But You End Up With, According To Your Teacher, A Score That Is Unacceptable For Your Set. 
I am in top set for some subjects and then I end up with some 'low' score and having to re-do it but end up with the same score. 

14.  Not Allowed On Phones At Break Or Lunch Time But Teacher Are On Theirs
At my school we are not allowed on our phones at any time of the school day, however teachers are allowed. I find it unfair that they are and they say 'I had a text from my childs school saying I have to pick them up as they hurt themselves'. Like my Mum can't text me and say something like that as I am not allowed on my phone to reply. And then teachers say if its an emergency your parents should ring the schools phone!  

15. Having A Note Saying 'You Can Not Do PE' but you are forced to get changed 
If I am unable to do PE today, why do I need to get changed? I am not doing anything, I am sat on the side of the tennis courts doing nothing! 

I hope you like this, let me know if you want some more kind of posts like these!

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Amy x


  1. Haha, I can reflect back on these to my school days & understand your frustration!!

    Katie // Words by Katie

  2. Ha ha ! I loved this post! I hate it when teachers set homework for the next day and urghh the medical room! On the plus side though we are allowed to go on our phones at break and lunch time! Great post! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  3. Totally agree with these, especially the whole 'You should've gone to the toilet in your lunch break'! Hahaha! Such a great post to read and highly relatable. Loved it Amy!

    Lots of love,

    Mollie Quirk xxx - www.theperksofmolliequirk.blogspot.com

  4. I can relate to every one of these! Especially the detentions being put on Sims, and the note for PE!

    Mia // www.theweirdwonders.blogspot.com

    1. Drives everyone insane! ahaha, thank you xx

  5. This is so true! Once one of our supply teachers walked out of our classroom but they went the wrong way to head office so they had to pass our door to go the right way haha, Leonie x

  6. I do really understand about what you felt about those, but when you're graduated already, you'll feel that those memories are so precious, however enjoy your days dear :)



  7. Loved this post, so super relate-able! My maths teacher always sets homework for the next day and when I do "bad" in one of his tests he just loves to make me feel worse, to be honest I just laugh about it now!
    Grace xx

  8. I related to so many of these things when I was at school! Great post and lovely blog! xo


  9. great favourites ! i'm not a fan of cherry coke but vanilla coke is amazing ! :)