Saturday, 30 July 2016

Whats In My Carry On?

Whats In My
 Carry On 

So its the Summer Holiday for everyone I think now. YAY!

Most families go away in the summer hoilday for a week or two, and as you all know I have been on holiday this year to New York and that was a 6 hour flight which went on for ages, so that was our main big holiday. But mum booked Ibiza for a week at the end of the holiday, which I am excited for. 

To give you all some help on what to put in your carry on, I am going to show you what I took to New York. 
Now I didn't take a lot as I just don't use it.

I used this Superdry backpack for my travel on as its easier to carry around especially you have to pull, lift your suit case too as well as hold you passports, boarding tickets. 

1- My phone- 
Taking your phone on an airplane is most of the time pointless, as once you get into the air, you can not go on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat nor text people and if your flight is an early one, you want to save the battery for when you get there to take photos.

2- Head Phones- 
Depending on where you are going, some planes have movies or T.V shows that you can watch, and sometimes they give you earphones but they are the rubbish ones. Its better of taking comfortable ones, I have a pair of red beats. 

3- Book- 
Now I never read, so its only there if I really need to do something otherwise it stays at the bottom and doesn't come back out. 

Thats all the things I took to New York with me!

Other things you may want to take: 

4- Purse- 
The reasons why I didn't take this with me to New York was because my mum just used a card and New York is a very busy place and I didn't want it to get taken. 

5- Makeup- 
The one bad thing about taking makeup is that all liquids have to be in sealed bags to go through security. Also there's no point in doing your makeup on the plane as everyone looks the same. 

Now your are probably thinking why did I take such a huge bag, that's because if you buy things when you go on holiday, you can put them in your bag!

If you are going away, I hope you have a fab time and let me know where you are going!

Amy x

Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Summer Haul /July 2016

The other week me and my mum went shopping and I picked up a lot of bargains and I really want to share with you what I picked up!

I first, went to New Look, and I brought this very bright, colourful top. I love bright things, so this was definitely me. 
The top is a bit shorter at the front than it is at the back, but these are the tops that I feel the most comfortable in. 
This was £16, which I thought was a bit pricey for New Look. However it suits me really well and I need some more tops. 

The next place we went to was M&S, I picked up: 
 Tatty Teddy Pyjamas
These were £16.75, reduce from

I love Tatty Teddy, so when I saw these, I knew I had to buy these. 

The next thing I picked up was a cami of style top. 

Ok, I wasn't meant to buy this, but I quickly remembered that I had mufty day and as my school is changing into Houses, we have to wear one piece of item of clothing which was our house colour, and as you can guess the house colour, I am in is Green

I wasn't that keen in buying it as a lot of the back is showing, but I tried it on and I really liked what it looks like and it was only £7 in the sale. Therefore I had to buy it.

I then next brought these shorts from River Island, again in the sale priced up as £12, and I think for a pair of shorts that is well worth it.
These are a light pink, white and black pattern and they are lush on.

My favourite item that I brought, was this bag. And now I have to tell you I wasn't going to buy a new school bag as I love the one I have now, but for £19.50, with £20 off, you can not go wrong

      This is from Accessorize and its a light grey colour, with 4 sections in which is very useful to organise your school work, lunch and everything else you keep in your bag.
The down side is that only 2 sections have zips and they are the smallest compartments the rest is open, which may come to an issue when it rains especially in my school as at break and lunch you are not allowed in classrooms but we will sort that out when it does!  

 Also from River Island, I brought tis dress and it quite fancy, so its more of an evening dress. This will be perfect for when I go away at the end of the summer holiday.

What I really like about this is the front cross over that it has and the sleeves.
This was £17 knocked down from £40!

As well as the two other things from New Look, I brought this pink cami to go with the shorts from river island.
Its just a basic thin cami but it has a lacey pattern going all the way around it, which makes it look more dressy.
This was only £8.

 I brought this watch, its white with silver diamonds going all the way around it and it looks just like a Micheal Kors watch! This was £14 in the Next Sale.
From Accessorize I got these
 clips and they were £2.40, which i think is a bargain!

I hope you liked getting to know what I've brought!
Amy x
-I've tried to link everything I can but most of it is not online!

Saturday, 23 July 2016

Haribo Ice Lollies

Haribo Ice-Lollies
You Will Need- 
Ice-lolly Moulds

Step 1.  Fill the bottom half of your Ice-lolly moulds, with haribos.
 I put about 5 in the bottom of mine but my moulds weren't that big. 

Step 2. After that fill the rest of the mould with Lemonade, or your chosen liquid. 

Step 3. Place the lolly sticks in the moulds, they should look something like this -

Step 4. After you done that place them in the frezzer for about 3 hours and then they should be frozen 

Step 5. Fianlly, after 3 hours, take them out and enjoy!

Let me know if you make any of these! 

In August every Thursday I will be posting Back To School realited posts, if theres any you really would like me to do, then let me know in the comments!

Amy xx

Saturday, 16 July 2016


Today's post is a little bit different and it ways to become a more positive person and to get rid of all the negative. 
I personally struggle at this, as I always think about the worse things that could possibly happen and I just end up worrying about the most littlest things. 

These are a few things that help me or in general help: 

1. If you are having a really tough time, just think that in a years time is this really worth all of this hassle and you will look back and be like why did I do/think that? 

2. Surround yourself with things you love 

3.Is it friends who are making you feel bad, as you do spend a lot of times with them, if it is then  try and just slowly distance apart from them or try and spend more time with some other friends that you don't spend that much time with. 

4. Drink more water 

5. Eat a little healthier

6. Have someone to talk to, maybe your best friend, a relative, a teacher, a counselor, as they will honestly listen and if they don't then find someone else

7. Don't worry about something you done and you got in trouble for as it DOESN'T clarify who you really are and people shouldn't think of you as that person just from one mistake 

8. Treat yourself to something you have been wanting for ages

9. Have pamper evenings a couple of times a week, maybe with a face mask and lush bath bomb

10. Think about something that's happening in the future, like a holiday or a day trip out

Hope this may help some of you!

Amy x

Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Summer Essentials

Its Summer, and today I would like to share with you some of my must haves this Summer! 

A casual pair of sandals is a must have for the Summer, as you don't want to have hot, sweaty feet from your trainers, plus you don't have to take them off for when you go onto the beach. 
Mine are from New Look, and they cost me £7.99, they are not the best looking sandals but they will be perfect for a casual day. 

Its that time of year again, when you get out all of your bright, funky colours.
I love wearing bright colours all year round but it does look a bit stupid in the middle of winter with bright pink on your nails. 
These are from Boutique which I think is the Sainsbury range of beauty and I really like them, they last a very long time plus they look great!

Whether its a perfume, body spray or a body mist, these are essential in the summer especially if you are not away on holiday as then you don't get the summery smell without these. 
The one in the picture is Hello Beautiful from Bath and Body Work and Oh My God, it is amazing! 

For days when you don't want your hair up but you want it  out of your face. 
There are so many different types of hair clips, I prefer these ones as you can get them in so many different colours and patterns and they are so comfortable. 

Now I am not a huge fan of watches, but if you wear some bangles or bracelets on your wrist with it. It does end up looking nice and stylist. 

I love wearing earrings in the summer as an extra piece of jewelry as they just make your outfit look 100% better and well put together. 
I get most of my earring form Accessorize as they do some very nice ones.
 At the moment I have been loving these little birds.

The last thing I love in the Summer is Play Suits. I think play suits look great on everyone no matter what shape built you are. 
This year I have 3, one from New Look (see photo), one from Next and one from Primark and I love them all.

Let me know what your Summer Essentials are!

Amy x

Saturday, 9 July 2016

June Favourites //2016


We are now half way over the year! That has gone so fast.

Today I would like to share with you, what I was loving last month

Diet Cherry Coke-
I am not a huge fan of coke, as I just don't like what is taste off and that it goes flat very easily and when its flat its just horrible.
I have never tried this until my brother wanted our Mum to buy it and OMG it is amazing! It taste just like cherry-ade, but a whole lot better.

Loreal Infallible 24H- Matte Foundation-

This has been my every-day school foundation for the past month. It has a smooth look effect to the face and it lasts all day.
There is a lot of product in one tube so for £7.99 it's a huge must have.
I done a big review on this product the other week, and you can find that here.

Morphe 35N Palette - 
I have recently been getting into eye-shadow, and as I have brown eyes in my opinion there isn't many colours that look good. However these 15 pinky, brown colours have gone really nice with my eyes and they make a great natural school look.

 Shaard Bracelet- 
I brought this around Christmas time and I never really worn it as I would of had to take it off when I had PE and also my school can be strict on bracelets. Therefore I haven't really worn it but since the start of Term 6 I have worn it every single day and even in PE and no one seems to care.
The bracelet itself is silver beads with a blue heart and as I am not a huge fan of bracelets, its very simply but looks nice at the same time.
 Staedtler Felt Tips-

I have been loving these to make my school work look very nice and organised especially homework.
I also tend to write cards with these just to make the card prettier instead of using a plain black bio.
They can be expensive, but they are 100% worth the money.
MAC Lipstick in Angel- 

I got this for my birthday this year and I am in love with it.
I've always wanted a MAC lipstick and when I got this, I was very happy.
Angel is a pinky nude colour, and its perfect for school if you have medium skin colour.
As I am pale it stands out too much, so I only wear this on the weekend with pink eyes and it looks very nice.

I hope you liked getting to know what I have been loving last month!

Does anyone have the CSS code, which allows you to centre you blog title and dates, as I've tried a few and they are not letting me.

Amy x

Saturday, 2 July 2016

My Go To Summer Hairstyle

My brother took this and yes we all know how rubbish
he is at taking photos! 
Hello Everyone, 
Recently I have been wearing my hair down a lot and I am starting to like it! I have really thick hair which means you get so hot when its down especially in the Summer. I have fairly straight hair, so its not that interesting, if I am honest. 

My go to hairstyle recently has been wavy/curly hair with 2 French braids coming from the front and being tied up at the back.This is a non-heat hairstyle too which means there's no damaging to the hair in order to recreate this.
I have been getting a lot of compliments at school about my hair!

What you will need- 
A brush, I use a tangle teezer and they are amazing! I get a new one each year for Christmas as I use mine so much. 
Lots of hairbands, preferable the little thin ones.

Step 1- After you have washed your hair at night time, divide your hair down the middle, so you have two equal side. On each side do about 4/6 plaits depending on how much hair you have. 
You will look very silly but its well worth it!
Now sleep all night with your hair in plaits.

Step 2- In the morning pull all the hair bands out and un-do the plaits. With your hair brush, brush your hair normally. Your hair will go very poofy and big. 

Step 3- Your hair should still be equal on both sides, if not then make sure it is. Grab a bunch of hair from the front and plait backwards then get someone to hold it or put it in your mouth while you do the other side. 

Step 4- Once you done both sides bring them both round to the back of your hair and tie them with a hair band, this will make your hair less poofy. 

Hope you like this and maybe you will re-create this!

Right now, I am doing Relay For Life and if you do not know what that is, its where you walk for 24 hours for Cancer Research. I am walking around a 400m track down at my local outdoor sports centre. If you would like do donate to Cancer Research then that will be amazing: click here.

Amy x