Saturday, 16 July 2016


Today's post is a little bit different and it ways to become a more positive person and to get rid of all the negative. 
I personally struggle at this, as I always think about the worse things that could possibly happen and I just end up worrying about the most littlest things. 

These are a few things that help me or in general help: 

1. If you are having a really tough time, just think that in a years time is this really worth all of this hassle and you will look back and be like why did I do/think that? 

2. Surround yourself with things you love 

3.Is it friends who are making you feel bad, as you do spend a lot of times with them, if it is then  try and just slowly distance apart from them or try and spend more time with some other friends that you don't spend that much time with. 

4. Drink more water 

5. Eat a little healthier

6. Have someone to talk to, maybe your best friend, a relative, a teacher, a counselor, as they will honestly listen and if they don't then find someone else

7. Don't worry about something you done and you got in trouble for as it DOESN'T clarify who you really are and people shouldn't think of you as that person just from one mistake 

8. Treat yourself to something you have been wanting for ages

9. Have pamper evenings a couple of times a week, maybe with a face mask and lush bath bomb

10. Think about something that's happening in the future, like a holiday or a day trip out

Hope this may help some of you!

Amy x


  1. Very nice post, maybe I'll start doing some of the topics :D x.
    Mia |

  2. These are some lovely ideas, loved this post! x


  3. I need more positivity in my life thanks for the tips! Sometimes it's hard to stay positive! x


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  5. Its easy to become quite negative so it great that bloggers like you are inspiring others to be more positive ♥

    1. Awh that's so sweet of you, and yes it is definitely!x

  6. Great tips, I could do with acting more positive!
    Grace xx

  7. Such a lovely post to read, especially as I have been feeling a little down just recently. Thank you so much for this Amy!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx - The Perks Of Mollie Quirk

  8. Aww this is such a nice post! I think having a pamper evening definitely works! X