Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Summer Essentials

Its Summer, and today I would like to share with you some of my must haves this Summer! 

A casual pair of sandals is a must have for the Summer, as you don't want to have hot, sweaty feet from your trainers, plus you don't have to take them off for when you go onto the beach. 
Mine are from New Look, and they cost me £7.99, they are not the best looking sandals but they will be perfect for a casual day. 

Its that time of year again, when you get out all of your bright, funky colours.
I love wearing bright colours all year round but it does look a bit stupid in the middle of winter with bright pink on your nails. 
These are from Boutique which I think is the Sainsbury range of beauty and I really like them, they last a very long time plus they look great!

Whether its a perfume, body spray or a body mist, these are essential in the summer especially if you are not away on holiday as then you don't get the summery smell without these. 
The one in the picture is Hello Beautiful from Bath and Body Work and Oh My God, it is amazing! 

For days when you don't want your hair up but you want it  out of your face. 
There are so many different types of hair clips, I prefer these ones as you can get them in so many different colours and patterns and they are so comfortable. 

Now I am not a huge fan of watches, but if you wear some bangles or bracelets on your wrist with it. It does end up looking nice and stylist. 

I love wearing earrings in the summer as an extra piece of jewelry as they just make your outfit look 100% better and well put together. 
I get most of my earring form Accessorize as they do some very nice ones.
 At the moment I have been loving these little birds.

The last thing I love in the Summer is Play Suits. I think play suits look great on everyone no matter what shape built you are. 
This year I have 3, one from New Look (see photo), one from Next and one from Primark and I love them all.

Let me know what your Summer Essentials are!

Amy x


  1. Ooh I saw that playsuit online but unfortunately never saw it in the store, it's absolutely gorgeous! Great list, I definitely have to have a summer fragrance ready. Leonie x

    1. Awh no!definetly buy it if you can, it's so nice xx

  2. I love my summer sandals! I have two pairs of rainbow sandals for casual wear and tons of cute sandals for going out and such. Body mist is a must have for me as well - I love B&BW's fragrances too. Great list, girlfriend.


    1. Sandals just go with everything! Xx

    2. Sandals just go with everything! Xx

  3. Great post! Those sandals are so pretty and I love the play suit! I really want to go to bath and body work but I don't think there is any in England so I can't! However that perfume looks so nice! X

    Amyx Makeupwithmissa.blogspot.co.uk

  4. nice review
    yes playsuit is always perfect for summer


  5. I really like this post. I've followed your blog, hope that you check mine..
    Mia x | https://my-world-vibes.blogspot.pt/