Saturday, 30 July 2016

Whats In My Carry On?

Whats In My
 Carry On 

So its the Summer Holiday for everyone I think now. YAY!

Most families go away in the summer hoilday for a week or two, and as you all know I have been on holiday this year to New York and that was a 6 hour flight which went on for ages, so that was our main big holiday. But mum booked Ibiza for a week at the end of the holiday, which I am excited for. 

To give you all some help on what to put in your carry on, I am going to show you what I took to New York. 
Now I didn't take a lot as I just don't use it.

I used this Superdry backpack for my travel on as its easier to carry around especially you have to pull, lift your suit case too as well as hold you passports, boarding tickets. 

1- My phone- 
Taking your phone on an airplane is most of the time pointless, as once you get into the air, you can not go on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat nor text people and if your flight is an early one, you want to save the battery for when you get there to take photos.

2- Head Phones- 
Depending on where you are going, some planes have movies or T.V shows that you can watch, and sometimes they give you earphones but they are the rubbish ones. Its better of taking comfortable ones, I have a pair of red beats. 

3- Book- 
Now I never read, so its only there if I really need to do something otherwise it stays at the bottom and doesn't come back out. 

Thats all the things I took to New York with me!

Other things you may want to take: 

4- Purse- 
The reasons why I didn't take this with me to New York was because my mum just used a card and New York is a very busy place and I didn't want it to get taken. 

5- Makeup- 
The one bad thing about taking makeup is that all liquids have to be in sealed bags to go through security. Also there's no point in doing your makeup on the plane as everyone looks the same. 

Now your are probably thinking why did I take such a huge bag, that's because if you buy things when you go on holiday, you can put them in your bag!

If you are going away, I hope you have a fab time and let me know where you are going!

Amy x


  1. Haha it's always better to carry light than to take a lot of stuff you probably won't end up using for the exact reason you said, save room for your shopping! Leonie x

  2. So jealous you're going to Ibiza! I always take a light carry on too! Would love if you could check out my recent post? XX

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

    1. Hopefully you will be able to go one day! And yes of course I can xx

  3. I've just come back from Barcelona but I'm going to Spain with my friend in a few weeks! I definitely agree with you about packing light x

    1. Hope you had a nice time! And that will be lush going away with friends!x

  4. I usually put the same things in my bag!

    Mia x |

    1. At least, I am not the only one then! xx

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    Have a great day!

    xoxo Jacqueline