Thursday, 25 August 2016

Back To School - Q&A


I am currently on Holiday, so this is a really short post.

I asked on my previous post for questions for a Back To School Q&A, I also asked on my personal Socail Media for question too, I will be getting an Instagram for my blog and possibly a twitter to! But for now, I think leaving questions in the comments will do!

Q) What are you doing for GCSE? 
(This question was asked by Shay, and I highly recommend you go and subscribe to his youtube! Its Hey it's Shay

A) I am doing Maths, English Lit and Lang, Science, Full-course R.S, History, Geography, Psychology and Business Studies. 
Can I just get this out there, why has my school suddenly decided that instead of giving you the option to do short-course R.S or full-course, they decided that everyone should do full-course!

Q) What are your best tips on keeping organised with homework etc during the school term?
(This question was asked by Alice from
I personally and I know you shouldn't is do my homework in other lessons which I am bored in. But otherwise, do the homework which you are more interested in first or the ones that are due in sooner as it will get your mind set into homework mode for you to complete the rest.

Q) If you could re-start Secondary School, would you?
A) Yes 100%

Q) Have you ever swore at a teacher?
A) If a teacher from my school is reading this, then don't put me in isolation!
Yes I have, to my French teacher, but it just came out, but he laughed anyway. He doesn't teach at my school anymore.

Q) Have you been abroad with school?
A) Yes, I went to France last year with my side of year as we were the French side. At my school there's 2 sides of years, French and German, the French side learns French obvious and the German learn German.
I am also going back to France next year with Band for my schools Band Tour

Q) Do you regret anything you done in school? 
A) I don't regret anything as I believe you do something because it was the only option to or you just done  it for a laugh. But if I could re-do that situation again then I will do it a different way. Last school year, now looking back on it, I don't have a clue why I done or said literally and I mean literally everything  I did or say and it makes me cringe so much!

Q) What have you missed the most this Summer?
A) Not going to band every Tuesday morning, if you did not know I play the flute and I am part of my schools Senior Band.

Q) What are you most looking forward to in September?
A) Meeting my new tutor, like I don't want a new tutor but I think it will be cool, I dunno. My school is going into a vertical tutor system in September.

Q) Do you like school?
A) Yes, I do, I like the environment of school but not what school gives off, like stress, worriness, I don't think its needed but its just the teachers keep going on about your future.

Q) Is Secondary school scary?
A) No, not at all, you meet new friends really quickly and you get the support you need from all the teachers, even though you may not think it!

Let me know when you go back to school! I go back 2nd September.

Amy x


  1. Lovely post! I hope that you have fun on your France band tour next year, that sounds so fun! Leonie x

  2. Thanks for answering my question! Great post x

  3. That's alright,thank you for asking a question xx

  4. That's alright,thank you for asking a question xx