Thursday, 4 August 2016

Revision // BTS 2016

Its Thursday and why am I uploading on a Thursdays? That's because every Thursday I will be uploading a Back To School post, to help you get back into school!

My first one for this year, is revision!
Now lets just get this out there I don't revise, as I just can't but somehow I manage to maintain my self in top sets for subjects and still get good grade. 
So I am just going to tell you some ways lots of my friends revise and they opinions and what I think about that certain way of revision. 

First things to do before you revise is to make sure your book is marked!
At my school a lot of my teachers are so lazy with marking and it gets really annoying as you don't know if you done it right. It may sound rude asking  your teacher if they can mark you book, but its for your benefit and its technically their job even though they get really annoyed if you say that but its better to tell the truth! 

If your book is marked then act upon feed back, I never really myself however they actually have marked your book, well when its been 'marked' its more ticks places in random places. 

Don't do this, and leave it as when you go onto the next part of the topic and you look back to revise, you don't know what to do!

Tip- Make sure its in a different colour pen so then your teachers knows that you have responded to them and it stands out. 

Next thing is to check your planner and priorities which subject to revise for first.

Types of ways to can revise:
1. Flash Cards/Mind Maps

With flashcard, write a question on one side and then the answer on the other side and test yourself or write bullet points and just keep going through it.

One of my Science teachers from last told me a way of how she used to revise with using minds maps and flash cards.
Get one section of the topic, eg- for C.1, Isotopes . Do an A4 page about Isotopes on everything about them, then look over that for a couple of days and every thing you can not remember, write on a flashcard and then do the same with all of the other sections and you will get a pack of flashcards with things you initially can not remember.

2. Test Papers (especially for Maths)
Print test papers from the internet and do them and then get the answers up and go through it and mark it.
Apparently, Maths is very hard to revise, so past papers will be very helpful, however you just use a lot of ink up!

3. Text Books
If you are doing GCSE/A-LEVEL, you can get text books especially for your exam board for every subject and these are very helpful as they have all for your lessons in and they help with homework and understanding things better.
You can also get practise papers in text books, so you have a rough idea of what the exam is going to be like

4. Folder Presentation 
This is a way that I may revise, if I decide to, in September and that is typing everything up and putting it in a folder, so then its like a booklet. 

I think with this, its all in one area and its presented nice and neatly!

5. Youtube
 Watching a video of someone going through a past paper or explaining in better detail about something you are stuck on!
But do not go and start watching your favourite youtuber as that won't help!

I hope you are excited for more Back To School 


  1. Although going back to school isn't something I want to think about, I know I have to face it and this post was great! It's definitely given me some ideas. x


    1. I am pretty excited to go back, only becuase my whole school is going to a new system! Otherwise no one wants to! xx

  2. This was really helpful, although I don't want to think about School just yet haha!

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    Alice from Girl Abroad

  3. Great tips, I find flash cards work best for me when I'm studying! Would love if you could check out my new post? XX

    The Fashion Road
    Instagram @louisefrancescaa

  4. I'm starting my first year of uni this October. Your tips for revision are really good. Definitely going to use them when I start with my lessons. Thank you for sharing them. xx

    Antonia || Sweet Passions

  5. great tips! xxo