Thursday, 11 August 2016

Stationary Haul/ BTS 2016

Shopping for my school stationary is my favourite! I always want to get it done in the first week, I love stationary anyway. I think the only reason why I love shopping for stationary is because I take good pride in my work, I produce at school and it has to be well organised and neat. 

All of my supplies are from the Supermarket, most of it is from Tescos. At the moment Tescos has all their Back To School supplies all reduced, so that's another reasons why I got it early! I don't go back till the 2nd of September, I know a Friday what is the point in that!? And the fact I got my stationary in June, is probably a bit early and a bit of a nerd, but I have seen a lot of people get their supplies too. 

 The first thing, I picked up was some Bic Highlighters.
I use highlighters all the time in my work, for keywords, explanations, important things. 
I also use them to do poster and leaflets. 

These Bic Highlighters were only £1.50 from Tescos and they come in 5 different colours and what is good about them is that they have a soft grip, so its easy to use. 

 Also from Tescos, I brought some Bic Mechanical Pencils. Now I never use these types of pencils but I thought why not, £1.50! And at least now they don't mark the inside of my pencil case. 

I also picked up some Tescos Value Glue Sticks, these are a lot better than Pritt Stick ones. A pack of 5, again for £1.50

Now I didn't really need this next thing, as mine still works perfectly, however I wrote the Quadratic Formula in the sleeve of it and I have a funny feeling I may have head of Maths next year! So I got a new Scientific Calculator. I really wanted the blue one but all Tescos had was the pink and black ones, so I picked up a pink one. £6, half price! Amazing deal for a Scientific Calculator!

Helix Oxford, the boring things!
I got a 30cm, bend in half ruler that just cost me 75p. Always need a ruler, for underline dates and titles, drawing shapes and tables out.

Compass, am I the only one who can not draw circles with a compass? I find it impossible to do. This cost me £1.25

Pack of 4 Maths set, I only needed this for the protractor as mine has gone all dirty. 
Now can someone please tell me what these triangle things are for? I've never used one. 

The best ever pens and rubbers!
Zebra pens, are a dream to write with! I have to use these pens otherwise my handwriting goes all over the place. I must got through at least 30 of these every school year, probably more. This packet of 10 for £2, comes with 4 black ones, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 pink and 1 purple so super handy. 
Mapad Rubbers, these are from Morrisons for 25p. I got these last year and they are heaven. You know you get those rubbers that do not rub pencil out properly, well tries these your life will change!

At my school we get given exercise books, paper, but if you read my Revisiosn tips post, click here if you haven't, then you would know that I don't revise that isn't because I am lazy as thats not the case, I just can't but I think its good as I still get top marks. But I decided I will give it a go and I will make booklet style revsiosn in folders. I picked these 2 up from Tescos a while back, for Science and Business, the Science folder was meant to be RS but RS doesn't need a nice folder like that! The striped one was £1.50 and the flower one was £2. I also picked up a pack of 50 wallets for 90p- I will properly need to buy some more of these!

Also, me spending money! I didn't need to buy this pencil case either, but I fell in love with it. This blue is one of my favorite colours, plus it goes so nice with my school bag as that' grey. This has flowers like carved into it and it was only £3 from Tescos!

I hope this gives you an idea of what to buy for this academic year!
Let me know when you go back to school. 


  1. Great haul! The floral folder looks so cute☻ Leonie x

  2. Lovely post! I can't wait to go bts shopping! :)x

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  3. looks like you got some good stuff, i haven't been in school for a while so it feels like forever since i've bought anything like this!

    danielle | avec danielle

    1. Awwh, just go and buy some random stationary! ahah x

  4. Great post, the Zebra pens are a dream to write with, they are my go to! The pencil case you picked up is really cute too!
    Grace xx

    1. I know, so glad I tried them out! And yes the pencil case only £3 from Tescos! X

  5. I love a good stationary haul, I wish I was back at school to justify all the thing I buy haha! xox