Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Twitter and Instagram

I've now got Twitter and Instagram for my blog!

Instagram is my favourite social media. I find it so easy to use and to make new friends! 
If you follow my personal instagram you will know how addictive I am to it. I post literally everything I do. However on my public account, I won't be! I want this account to be where I can come and chat to you all and get to know who follows my blog. I want my instagram to be a bit of a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of coming blog post.
Now I don't really get along with twitter, but I am trying to! 
Twitter is where I will be doing random Q&A just for the people who follow my twitter, so you can get to know me better. 
Plus we can all have a big laugh altogether. 
Twitter will be where you can help me too; deciding what next post to write, things like that! So if you want a say in something come over.

Everyone who follows me before Monday 5th September, I will be following back on both social media.

Feel free to DM or tweet me, as I will reply!

Little Update!
I feel like my blog is dragging again, I feel I am not putting as much effort into my posts as I normal do. So if you feel like there's a change happening then there is. I am going to put more effort in for hopefully some longer posts and better quality.

Amy xx


  1. Followed you on the both social medias.
    Instagram : @vildanasuta
    Twitter : @LivingLikeV

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Hi Amy, I have just found your blog and would love for us to follow each other?
    Twitter- louiseemarie
    Instagram- louiselovesbeautyblog

    I will follow back of course! Cant wait for more posts! Xx