Saturday, 20 August 2016

Whats In My School Bag //BTS-2016


Sorry that I didn't upload at any point last week, I just wasn't feeling myself and I don't know...but I'm back today with a Whats In My School Bag 2016! 

 This is my school bag, you might of seen it in my previous haul but its a grey tote bag, with a long strap and 2 handles from accessorize. I brought this for £19.99 in the sale, which I think is a reasonably price for what the bag is. Its a very structure, hard bag, if that makes any sense! I don't think it  will lose it shape for that reason. 

Connecting to one of the straps, I have this butterfly key-ring, its pretty old as it came with a bag that my mum brought years ago, but I recently found it when I was clearing underneath my bed. 
I think this just gives the bag more detail and a pop of colour!

So this is what the bag looks like when you look into it. It has 5 pockets/sections to it, which means you can organsie it very well!

The bigger Zip pockets contain the essentials that I don't really need on an every day basic. The secetion underneath contains book, homework all of the school stuff. 
There's a little zip pocket inside that section which will have my phone in it.
The zip below that has the more personal things. 
Then the section  below that has the bits and bobs that you need to get you through the day. 

Probably the most import thing that's in my bag, for school, is my school books. 
I get at least 1 book for every subject, sometimes I get given 2 as ones for the work and the other one is keywords. However over the academic year, I end up getting like 2 to 3 books for every subject as I fill them up. Last year I think I went through 5 Maths books, yeah the troubles of being in top set Maths! 
The only book that I have at the moment is my Science book, its turned round the other way as it has my teachers from last year names on it, and if they see this, like they probably won't, but they  may get all fussy about it, and I ant going into isolation for that! (this is how ridiculous my school is, you get put in isolation for the most stupid reasons!) Plus there's this target sticker at the bottom which has my schools name on it.
The next useful thing is my Planner, but I get a new one every year and I haven't started back yet, I would show you the one I had last year but its not very tidy nor neat! 

To keep my homework and letters all neat, I have this floral wallet from Tescos, I may not use this as I tend to fold letters up neatly into my planner or stick homework sheets into my book before I leave the class room and because I am so lazy and don't want to waste my ink, most of the time I do my homework on my laptop and email it to my teachers.

In the bigger zip pocket, I keep this clear pink pencil case which has my calculator, a compass, a protractor and a spare pen. 

I also keep in there this pack of 10 Fineliner Pens, I don't take my Staedtler Pens to school just in case they get nicked. These are only really useful for colouring my timetable in, I do a line underneath the subject, as I don't like it messy. 

Next thing in my bag is my Pencil Case, this is from Tescos and it was £3. If you want to know whats in my pencil case then click here

Look at me! Having matching water bottle and lunch box! I have got the Sistema purple and green collection. The bottle was £2, I think, from Morrisons and the lunch box was £3 from Sainsburys.

 In the middle zip pocket, I keep Paracetamols, Acid Reflux tablets, Strepsils, Rescue Remedy and my inhaler. 
Paracetamols are because I get really strong headaches, I don't know why to be honest as I fill my bottle up at least once at school. 
Acid Reflux tablets, because I have it, nothing much else to say about that. 
Strepsils, for when I have a cold, which is rarely, I never really get ill. 

Rescue Remedy, this is the best thing is you get anxious, have panic attacks, the only problem is that teachers think its a sweet. 
And lastly is my inhaler, as whenever I get anxious my chest starts to close up and it kills. 

I also carry my keys, these are not my front door keys as they are somewhere in my house, these stay in my school bag for the back door just incase my brother and I forget our keys, which does happen! I also have a hair band connected to it, for PE. 
 The last thing I keep is my Radley Umbrella in my bag as at my school we are not allowed in classrooms at break or lunch times, so we are stuck outside which when it rains, mainly every day in England, you get very wet! 

This is everything I keep in my bag for school, I hope this may help with some of you who are stuck on what to keep in your bag or are starting Secondary school! 

I want to do a Back To School Q&A for Thursday post, but I will have to write it up tomorrow night as I go on holiday on Monday, so please leave as many questions as you would like to in the comments!

Amy xx


  1. Loved this post and your school bag is so pretty, it's great to find out what you keep in there! x


  2. Your school bag is sooo beautiful, and I love the little touches you've added to it! xx


  3. Your bag is wonderful , I love it! :) xoxo

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  4. I love your blog and that post was so detailed and informative. I have a question for your Q & A post. What are your best tips on keeping organised with homework etc during the school term.
    - Alice

    1. Thank you and look out for that on Thursday!

  5. I LOVE your bag! My school bags were always ugly haha xx

    Gemma ♡ Miss Makeup Magpie

    1. Awh, Accessorize and Newlook always have nice ones in, and H&M xx

  6. fineliner pens are the best! x

    jess x |

  7. Aw your bag is so cute☺ The floral wallet is adorable too! Leonie x

  8. I see you are well equipped!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena