Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Words That Make Me Think...

Hello everyone, how are you all? 

Today I would like to share some different quotes which mean a lot to me, all for different reasons and I would like this post to give you all a different point of view to something. 

Quotes are my favourite thing to look for on google and when I'm not in a great mood as I always end up finding one which puts me in a better mood. Quotes mean something different to everyone that's why they are so powerful. 

'Everything happens for a reason' 
I stick by this quote for when I'm in a situation, I don't really want to be in, whether thats getting told off at school or I made a mistake and regretted it and then can't say sorry because its too late. Thats something that bugs me so much about myself, I will say something, maybe something someone told me which is quite personal and I go and tell others (Don't do this), or just anything. And at the time I feel fine about it, months and months later it will just randomly pop in my head and I will spend days even weeks continuously thinking about it and worrying that this person is going to tell or what ever. 
To match this quote to this situation, I think everything you do happens for a reason that you may not know till a years time, even decades or may never know. 

'What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy' 
I think if you want to do something for a bit of banter then do it, as its just creating a memory for you and you enjoyed doing it, even though you may of gotten in trouble for it at least you haven't regretted doing it. Making sure you are happy before anyone else is the biggest thing people forget to do, they are to quine on making others happy they forget about their selves. 

'Are you ok?'
Asking someone this or getting asked this question makes my day, just these 3 words can change my mood to be so much happier. I think these are so powerful and mean differently to everyone. These to me mean that someone is making sure that you are having a nice day and are enjoying yourself. Even thought most of us automatically say yes, I think that's because we are grateful for what we have even though we could be having a bad day. 

'Think happy thoughts' 
I am someone who struggles at this so much, if you know me personally you know that everything I do, I always have to think of it in a bad way; What could happen, why did I do that? I am possibly the biggest worrier you will ever meet. So thinking happy thoughts is such a great way to maintain the positive in yourself and around you. 

I hope you liked this short post today. 
Also are you enjoying my Back To School related post, make sure to check back on Thursday for another one!

Amy x

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  1. I loved this post! I really like to discover new quotes that motivate or inspire me :)

    What about following each other? :)

    Caro x


    1. Glad you like it and yeah sure! X

  2. Hey there. This is a great post. I like to look for quotes too. I'm definitely a lover of words and I love quotes that are short but endlessly meaningful.

    Skylar | Skywriting