Saturday, 10 September 2016

A Walk Down Memory Lane

Hows your week back at school going? Draining, exciting, nerve racking...

Today I would like to share some of my goals for this school year and some general advice and hopefully this will help whether you are starting secondary school, going into GCSE/A Levels/BTEC, what ever I hope this will help most of you some way or another. 

My number 1 goal for this year: To remain as happy and positive as I can be! 
If you were in any of my lessons last year you would of probably seen me cry at least 5 times. I am very emotional but my emotions were so high last year everything, I would end up crying. But here's a fact I don't cry when I am actually feeling upset. I cry when I am frustrated, worried, happy, excited. Weird an't I! 
To the member of staff and the teacher, you will know who you are even though you won't be reading this, well probably not, thank you for last year. Seeing me all over the place it meant so much, all the help and support. 

Hand writing needs to stay NEAT
Amy, the amount of times you got big red lines all through your work, yeah you remember your RS book, all the crosses and negatives that were in the book and you thought the red pen looked messy. Yeah love, you were the one that was making it messy! 
Is it just me that can feel the different in text books, like the texture of the page? Even though they are all the same brand? 

If you are ill accept the fact you are ill 
Last year my health wasn't that good last October/November ended in multiple doctors and AAE.
 If you are ill don't force your self to go into school, as you knew how much pain your foot was in when that teacher thought you were about to faint so they dropped the box of books on your foot. 

I know a lot of subjects do one part of the topic every lesson, so  if you  missed a lesson you missed out on about 5 marks on your test, which equals to a whole level/grading down. 
There is nothing stopping you to contact your teacher, email them, leave a message at receptions phone, get your friend to get you the work. Just as it may sound cringey to write an emailing to your teacher to ask for work. No one is going to know, so no one is going to call you a nerd or geek. Plus your teacher prefers you to catch up on the work as its less stress for them. 

Put 100% into your homework
Yes I know homework doesn't really mean much, but the amount of times you had to stay behind to finish work off or you fell out with teachers as they emailed your mum. 
Make it colourful and unique! This may sound mean but do not and I mean DO NOT, help others out with their homework, that is their fault that they can't do it, not yours. Your spare time is to be used up on what you love to do, not helping people figure out what the Pythagoras to this triangle is. 

Get up and go to the toilet, if you are not allowed to go 
Quite a few teachers at my school don't let us go to the toilet through lesson times, but if you need to go you have the rights too go. Its your health that is more important than your education. 
Don't feel bad getting up and leaving the classroom, and yeah ok they may put a negative on your sims but you needed that wee, you may get a detention but don't go to it! 

Here a tip to go to the toilet through lesson, just say you need to go and get a tissue or you left your pencil case in another class, it works all the time! Well with me it does. 

Remember your keys and water bottle 
I can not stress enough, if you leave you bottle at home, you are in for a long day! I think my school lends you money if you forget your lunch or water, I am not to sure, but just go and explain the situation to reception and I am sure they will help. Plus your friends may have some money too. 
Keys, if you forget your keys then you are stuck outside of your house for a long time especially if you siblings have forgotten theirs too! 

Have fun, make mistakes 
We are still all children here, learning about the world. I know teachers assume we know whats right or whats wrong already in our life but we don't. If you and your friend want to go and do something, go and do it, you may get in trouble, it may go on your record but when you go and apply for a job they are not going to care about what you done on 22nd October 2016, are they? And NO one should judge you via your mistakes, teachers make mistakes all the time, our parents do too even our grand-parents. Its life and that just what happens. 
You will look back on what you done and you will laugh about it, promise. 

Try your best this year, get the grades you are happy with

Amy xx


  1. Great post! Have a lovely weekend! xx

    Vildana from Living Like V & Stalia Is BAE

  2. Lovely post, definitely try to look on the positive side at all times!☺ I'm the exact same with the emotional crying haha, i've definitely improved though! Leonie x

    1. Well done for improving! I'm getting there ahah xx

  3. Lovely post! So honestly and well written. x


  4. Straight from the heart sweetheart, love you loads <3 xxx

  5. Great post, I agree with your no1 goal of the year:)

  6. This is a great list of goals for you this year =o) especially staying positive!