Saturday, 3 September 2016

Another Travel To A Different Place In The World // IBIZA 2016

Hola (hello in spanish) 
On Monday 22nd August, me and my family flew out to Ibiza. Ibiza is a little island to the right of Spain. It was around a 2 hour long flight and we landed in Ibiza airport at 6:25. 
And the holiday began...

We stayed in and all inclusive hotel in Cala Pala, a 30 minute walk from St. Eulalia. The hotel was amazing and all the staff and entertainment reps were all lovely and helpful. As it was an all inclusive hotel, it meant we can just go and help our self to food and drinks all through out the day, plus the drinks bar was open 24/7! So if you want to get drunk then you can. 

What I got up to: 

There was fun and games through out the whole day for all ages.
 Me and my brother done the Club Magic Dance everyday in the pool, which was such a laugh especially, we were some of the oldest doing it. We also done water polo, which is so hard if you are small like me, and people can only see your head when you are in the pool.
Also me and my family played a game of golf, which was fun even though I get bored very easily as I an't good at that either.

As a family we went down to the beach, as it was about a 2 minute walk, and we went on a clift walk from Cala Pala beach to Nikki beach, and the closer we got to Nikki beach the clearer and the more blue the sea got. I've never seen sea so blue before, so me being me, I took a lot of photos! 

Night time walks into St Eulalia. To get into town and the marina, it was straight up the road that our hotel laid on, so there was no option in getting lost, however this road was miles long, it took us about 30 minutes in the heat to walk, but at least I  may of burnt all the ice-cream I ate off, well some of it!

Swimming in the pool! This was what I got the most excited for every day. I never go swimming at home, so having 4 different pools to choice from, made my excitement rise. 
I don't tend to swim, its more mess around and look stupid, but who cares as no one knows you, and you all, got to have some fun.
Me and my brother done a lot of handstands competitions and throwing each other up in the air, as you are apparently 80% lighter in water.

Some Of The Best Parts Of My Holiday: 
1) Pancakes every morning for breakfast!
2) Getting a tan. If you know me in person you will know how pale I am, but my tan just looks like a normal white British person skin colour, unfortunately 
3) Cinderella (non-alcoholic cocktail), this was made by either pineapple or orange juice with this kiwi juice. It is heaven!
4) Club Magic Dance, as I mentioned before, this is a dance which you do with the entertainment reps about 5 times a day, its so funny and the song is so catchy 

Ibiza was a great holiday, and I would love to go back when I am around 18 to 21, with friends as we all know that Ibiza is a big party island. 

Amy xx
-All photos were taken with my phone (Samsung Galaxy A3) not my camera


  1. Lovely pictures, glad to hear that you had a great time. I want some pancakes now haha! Leonie x

    1. Awh sorry! aha, and thank you <3 xx

  2. Beautiful place!
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  3. Oooooh the pictures look lovely! Glad you had a lovely time :)
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