Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pandora Will Always Be My Favourite

I am posting today because I feel bad that I haven't uploaded over the past couple of weeks. 

Pandora will always be my favourite! I am lucky enough to own 2 rings that Pandora sell and I love them both to pieces. 

I got given this for Christmas a few years back from my parents and its my favourite one out of the 2 that I own. Its so simply. I love that its hearts all joint together to make a ring. 
This ring is £35 which I think is a really good price for it. £35 is quite cheap for Pandora but then I think its a reasonably price. 

My hand is so ugly, ahah
My birthday is in April, so it makes sense that I got the diamond birthstone ring. I think us April babies are so lucky to have diamond as our birthstone, as a lot of rings have a diamond stone and it means something a bit more special to us. 
If I am honest I don't think this on is really worth £40, only because underneath the diamond, it does tend to get quite dirty, but otherwise its a really nice ring. 

I am thinking about getting a Pandora charm bracelet but I don't know if its worth it. So if you own one please let me know if they are worth the money. 

Hope everyone having a nice day 
Amy xx


  1. Iv never actually owned anything from Pandora, I love both of your rings though! I kind of want to get the March birthstone ring for myself!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I love these! I love them! AHHH! So cute. I love your blog.