Monday, 19 December 2016

Christmas Wishlist 2016

Its nearly Christmas day! This year has gone so fast! 
Today I am going to write about what I have asked for, for Christmas. In no means am I expecting any of this. It was just to give family and friends and idea of what I would like or what I enjoy. 

I have had my eye on this ring since the Pandora store in my town has open. I love the infinity symbol anyway, and I think this will go really nice with my other 2 I already have.

I also really like this ring, its so simply and will go with anything.

I have never owned anything from Sleek, and I have heared so much about Sleek and lots have recommended it. This gift box is from boots and currently reduced to £25! It has 10 products inside, and I think that is amazing for £25.

*A Curler 
I have never owned a curler, and I just think I will enjoy curling my hair every now and again as I find plaiting my hair and straightening it very therapeutic! 

Any clothes would do to be honest, I don't actually have that many clothes that fit properly most of it is too big for me. 

*A Watch 
Again I don't mind what watch it is, maybe a silver watch would be nice.

I got one last year for Christmas which I use for school, but the one I have at home is so old and disgusting but its not a compact one so its get wrecked very easily.

*Nail Vanishes 
I have really enjoyed painting my nails recently and that fact I managed to go all last week with nail vanish on at school really shocked me! As a few teachers don't like nail vanish and I even represented my school in its Christmas Concerts and Assemblies with band, where there was all Senior Leadership team and no one said anything!

*A New School Bag
Right ok, I did buy one in the summer but its actually too small, so my mum has taken it for work, so I am currently using my old one from last year but its starting to fall apart! 

Well actually I have asked for a lush voucher as on boxing day, Lush always have a sale and I can get everything half price. 

This is all really I am asking for. I will be very grateful for no matter what I get for Christmas. 

Merry Christmas
Amy xx


  1. Aw I hope you get everything you want! I've also got a tangle teezer on my wishlist at the moment xx

    Lauren |

  2. Thank you! Tangle tezzers are great xx

  3. Glad to see you blogging again sweetheart <3 xx

  4. Great post, my love! I hope you get all that you wish for this Christmas!

    Lots of love from Mollie xxx |

  5. I hope you will get at least some of these for Christmas. xx
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  6. The Sleek makeup box is on my list too, its full of such amazing products! Hope you get everything you want! x


  7. Love you post !! I really hope you get everything you want especially the Infinite Pandora Ring, they are literally to die for !!

  8. I think a Tangle Teazer is a great thing to ask for. You can never have too many! Great post!
    Grace xx