Saturday, 24 December 2016

Festive Lips

Hello everyone! 
Its Christmas Eve!
Today I am sharing with you the 2 lip products that I have been wearing over the festive season.

I find lots of lip sticks never stay on my lips for a long time, so I tend to just start the day of by wearing a nude colour, so when it does rub off its not that obvious that I was wearing a lipstick. Also I think I am rubbish at applying lipstick, as I always and I mean always get it all around my lips. That could be because my hands tend to shake when I hold things! Don't ask why my hands shake when I hold things as I don't know either. 

Knowing me, I have probably already mentioned this products before as I don't own many Christmassy lipsticks, which is a shame bare in mind I love darker shades.

My top favourite is Fond Farewell from Seventeen. This was a gift from my brother last Christmas, and I love it so much! As I am unlucky to have extremely pale skin, this colour doesn't wash me out too much. 
The Seventeen Stay Pout collection retail as £4.49, which if I am honest I think its a bit too pricey as it doesn't stay on your lips very long and especially I think its a great colour for the festive season, people drink quite a lot through December so its rubs off easily.

The last festive lip colour is Cherry Pop from Clinique. Its a lovely red and suits most people, which is very good! What I love about this product is that its not sticky after you have applied it to your lips its stays very matte. 
For £16 I think this is quite a good price and that Clinique is high end, £16 is good for a highend lipstick. 

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!
Love Amy xx

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