Sunday, 31 January 2016

Brush Collection //Jan 2016


I'm going to share with you my  make-up brushes collection! 
-Just to point out, I have brought most of these brushes, kindly been given them or they have came free! 

I have 2 makes which are the Real Techniques and Seventeen brushes: 

~Powder Brush 
~Angled Highlighter Brush 
~Contour Brush 
~Detailer Brush 
~Buffing Brush 
~Foundation Brush 
~Multi-task Brush 
~Expert Face Brush 
~Fine Liner brush 
~Tapered Foundation Brush
~Pointed Foundation Brush
~Base Shadow Brush 

^Those ones are all Real Techniques and my favourite one is the Tapered Foundation one, it comes with the Delux set, which I think you can only buy at christmas! It is amazing for bronzing up your face, to give you a nice flawless 'tan' look!

For the Seventeen Brush I own: 

~2x Eye Shadow Brush
~Cheek Brush
~Lip Brush

Sorry that this is a short post!
Hope you liked it though 

Amy x

Saturday, 23 January 2016

Places I Would Like To Visit


Today I am going to share with you some places I would like to visit! I love going on holiday with my family and I love seeing different landscapes and different thing to the UK!
These places a places that I would like to visit before I die. 
This year I am going to New York and Ibiza! New York is somewhere I've also wanted to go and now actually going inn less than 6 months, makes me so happy and grateful that my family can afford it! 
Since I was born, I have been abroad lots of times, so if there isn't a place on here that you would of thought I might want to go, that is properly as I have already been like Florida and Paris!

I really would like to go to Italy, as it looks so pretty and some of the buildings in Italy look amazing! Italy is my top country I would love to visit, I have no idea why, I just really want too! 

I think Belgium would be a really nice trip away from a weekend as its not that far from UK and looking at the photos on google images, it looks very photogenic!

I would really love to go and see Niagara Falls in Canada, it looks amazing! Canada sounds and looks so different to from the Uk. I would love to go to Canada with my family or even in 15/20 years time for when I have children as it will properly be one of my children greatest memory, that they will treasure!

Greece looks stunning! I love all the white buildings (looks so much like Lanzorate!) and how they are all built; different shapes, lengths and height, makes it look so unique! 

Dubai, would be a lovely trip in the Summer Holidays! It looks so peaceful and calm. Very photogenic! 

That is my Travel Bucket List!
Let me know in the comments where you would like to visit! 
I hope you have a fab year!

Amy x
'Lets Find Some Beautiful Place, To Get Lost'
-Thank you for 4K Page Views! 
-These photos are not mine, credit has been given. 

Monday, 18 January 2016

Bourton On The Water

Hello, everyone!

I know I haven't posted for nearly 2 weeks and that is honestly because I couldn't be bothered to as I wasn't inspired. Now I am not 100% certain, that this will be a definite come back, but you never know!

However o the weekened me, my mum and my nan went to Bourton On The Water and I would like to share with you some of the photos I took. 

Hope you enjoy this photos!
Amy x

Thursday, 7 January 2016

What's In My School Bag //Jan 2016 Edition


Now most people have gone back to school for the New Year. I would like to share with you a What's In My School Bag. I know everyone does this in September when we all go into our new years, but you have to be honest half of the thing you put in your school bag in September time the end of that month goes, you have lost a lot of it or have found out you actually do not need it! That's why I am going to do mine now, as this is generally what's in my bag. 

The school bag that I am using right at  this moment is this green tote bag from H&M. I do tend to swap my bags all around to backpacks and other bags, as I get easily bored with the same one!

The first thing in my bag, is my pencil case. This is always in my bag everyday, as it has all of my stationary that I need in order to learn!
It is from Morrisons and costed £3, it is actually a wash bag, but its the perfect size for me!

At my school you are only allowed to write in blue or black for written work. I have 2 Zebra Medium pens in the colour black. We also have to have a pencil, ruler, a green pen (for Self/Peer Assessment). I also keep some other colourful pens for notes or sentence that  need to stand out, instead of using a highlight, a compass, sharpener, a rubber and some highlighters for highlighting text.

The next thing, which I have to  have in my bag, is  my planner. We get given these at the start of every new year, with our timetables and a lot of boring school rules and stuff!
As you may be thinking on the left, what is that on top of my planner? Its piece of paper with some drawing my science teacher drew for me, as I didn't get the science behind something we done in science! The actually picture is of some year 11 on the school field reading!

I do tend to have my school books with me, but they are all at school for either marking or some teachers don't like us taking our books home! 

I also keep my calculator, which is the pink Casio Scientific one, a baby lips, paracetamol, hair bands, a little coin purse and some money.

As well as that I have some of those female stuff, because either you will need one or your friends will! And you all know what I am on about!

On some days, I will need to bring in a reading book for Fiction and every Thursday in tutor we have to read, which I actually don't I just sit there and stare at random things in my tutor room, like everyone else does! I also on Wednesdays have my flute lessons and I bring in my music diary and the piece that I have been learning that week, I am currently learning a piece called Going On. 

That is all I keep in my school bag!
I hope you enjoyed knowing what I keep in my bag. 
Comment down below what year you are in and if you are in year 10 or 11,  comment what GCSE/BTEC you are doing! 

Amy x

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Little Place For Notes And Doodles// MCD


Before I start I would like to tell you about 1 thing I  have been planning for ages!
Once every month, I want to do a whole Blogpost on different parts of my room! As I really enjoy knowing what other people have in their rooms, for inspiration and just because I am nosey, I have named this little series My Colourful Den.
A lot of  these things I have brought myself and have collected over the years as I hate getting rid of things! I am not trying to show off, as there isn't no need for that! 

Today I would like to share with you what's on and in my desk. 
I have the Ikea Micke Desk and the Ikea Add-on Unit, in the colour white. I love this desk so much as there is so much storage! The Add-on Unit, also comes with a white-board which is magnetic, which I love for doodling and writing important notes down! 

As you can see from the side I don't keep just stationary and bits and bobs like that, I keep my makeup in the top 2 drawers and in the bottom department I keep, old school books as well as current school books, camera equipment and other technology stuff, spare stationary like pens and pencils for school and also notebooks!
For part of this, I will be doing a make-up collection!
So keep an eye out for that.

On the unit, I keep a jewellery box, some perfumes, a picture frame, some more pens and pencils, 2 succulents, some magazines, a little cat clock and a memo block!

Picture 1:
- A Paperchase Notebook 
-Gorjuss Girl Notebook
-Staedtler Pack Of 30 Pens
-Teal Jar With Some Paper Clips In
-A Skurar Pot
-Lots Of Random Black And Blue Pens
-Pink And White Pot
-Gold Note book
-A Glass Jar With Sand Inside And My Name Going All The Way Around It

Picture 2:
-Staedtler Pack Of 30 Pens
-Teal Jar With Some Paper Clips In
-Gorjuss Girl Notebook
-A Skurar Pot
-Inkjoy Pen
-Zebra Pen
-Cristal Fun Bic Bio Pen
-Sticky Notes

Picture 3:
-Real Techniques Brushes
-Seventeen Brushes
-Tanya Burr Nail Vanish, Sugar Plum
-A Clear Jar
-Cotton Wool Pads
-A Clear Jar With The Word Love
-Blue Stones
-RNLI Picture Holder

Pictures 4:
-Yankee Candle Medium Jar, Sparkling Snow
-Little Fox Jar

Picture 5:
-Glamour Magazines
-Little Sticky Pencils

Picture 6:
-Glamour Magazines
-A Succulent 
-A Blue Candle Jar
-Lumix Camera
-2 Little Statues: Effiel Tower and Arc De Triomphe
-2 Pandora Ring Boxes
-Lush Snow Fairy Shower Gel

Thank you so much for 3.5k page views! That's amazing!Also thank you to everyone who has followed via Bloglovin, Google Connect and Google+, if you haven't already then make sure you do!

Amy x
'Enjoy The Little Things'

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Saturday, 2 January 2016

Are You Who You Are// 2015-2016

Today, I would like to share with you a bit more of my personal life! I am not going to go to in to every topic as what I said its my personal life. 

So where do I begin? 
Looking back on last year, its not really a year I would like to remember, I do in some parts but mostly not in a lot of parts

Highlights of last year are all mainly before September, I went to France with my school, went to Wembley, watched Take That, went to Alton Towers, had a lot of fun days out!
I had a lot of days out with friends that I used to be so friendly with and some of those days are memoires, but the friends aren't. 

Last year I went through so many friendship groups and yes I still now don't have a proper friendship group! I think I went through at least 3 different types of groups.
I do  have friends yes,I do! 
However they are part of groups that I just don't get along with. 
I tend to find myself feeling awkward among a lot of people, its fine when there are only 3 of us or so.  I do get along with a lot of people, its just doesn't feel right. 
This year I  do want to find a group where I am comfortable with and will enjoy being with them at school.
I do have 2 really good friends called Sophie and Caitlin, who I have been friends with for years via clubs!

I also, this year want to be more happy, I found myself just after September becoming really sad (I wouldn't really say sad, just getting upset for no reason) and just worrying  all the time. I am a worrier, I worry about the most stupid things ever!
For an example, I don't worry about tests, I worry what will happen after I got my level back. 
So far this year I have been more positive in myself and feeling a lot more happy.

Health, I want my health to maintain good, I've always have had a good health, however October/November time I found myself beginning  to get a lot of chest pains and since then I have been  forwards and backwards from doctors appointments, but it is all getting sorted out and hopefully time the end of January comes, I will know what the problem is! 

Last middle August time, I wanted to get fit and loose just a bit of weight, as no clothes suited me right. I do want to carry on with what I am doing, eating healthy, bike rides, zumba, walking lots as I actually have really enjoyed it!

This year I also want to change my blog up a bit and not do what everyone else is doing like Beauty, fashion, I want it to be a bit of everything and anything! I have recently found myself doing the same thing over and over again! I want this blog to represent me , with being bright and colourful.
I want to make it more unique and special!
I am going to spend more time on every post,which may mean I won't upload as often but they will hopefully be more enjoyable.  and better quality.

I have a lot planned that I am doing this year and I want to document it all here on my blog and  I also want to scrap book a lot of it too!

Amy x

Friday, 1 January 2016

What I Did Last Month//December


Welcome back to my blog! I hope this year will make you happy! If not change something about your life to make you happy!

Today I would like to share with you what I done last month! 
I actually thought last month was very busy, now looking back at it, it wasn't that bad! 

On Sunday 6th, me and my family as well as my parents best friends and their children. We went to a local pub and I had Fajitas and they were really nice! 

Just under a week later on the 12th, I went to Huddersfield with my Dad and his football friends to watch our local team play Huddersfield and we won! Apparently I was the lucky charm!

On the 16th and 17th my school always do their annual Christmas concerts on the last week of Term 2. As I play the flute, I am/were in 2 bands, Intermediate band and Senior band, they are the exact same just different level hardness! It was my first proper concert with Senior band as I joint in September, we did our school opening night but we only played 2/3 songs! Thursday was my last ever concert with Intermediate band! Intermediate band gave me so much more confidence. I also am part of the Flute Ensemble!
To prepare for this we had a whole day rehearsal on the Wednesday, it was alot of fun but then is got a bit boring and the seats we were sat on really hurt our backs! 
Overall both concerts went  really nicely and the looks on peoples faces tells us that they really enjoyed it! 

As I mentioned I am part of Senior band, so that meant  on the last day before we break up for Christmas we have to play a couple of songs in everyone assemblies! It was a lot of  fun however lots of my friends kept smiling at me when I was playing and it was  so hard not to laugh!

The next Saturday me and my family went to football again and it was a home match! 
We draw! Which is still good, it was a very rainy day! 

Monday 21st, I met up with my friend called Sophie and went to Starbucks, I had a Carmel Cream like I also have! It was so nice to catch up with her, even though we go to the same school we don't see each other that much as the lessons that we are in together, we only have that lesson once a week! 

Christmas Eve! Me and my family went bowling and we also got a Nandos, I lost the first game off bowling which I was very disappointed about as I thought I done pretty well! But the second game I came second to last, which made me very happy! At Nandos I had  a Butterfly Chicken with Chips! It was yummy! 

Christmas Day, me and my family didn't do  much, we went round my Nan and Grandad in the morning and then my other Nan came round for Christmas Dinner which was very nice! 
I was very spolit last year for Christmas,  if you want to see some of the things I got click here.

Christmas flew past which is very upsetting as it only comes round once a year! 
On Boxing Day, I spent most of my morning trying to order some Lush as their Christmas range ahd 50% off! I gave up in the end and me and my Mum went down the Lush and I spent just over £8 on 5 things which is excellent! To see what I got click here.

On New Years Eve, we went round my Mum and Dads best friends house and it was alot of fun! 

I hope December was a very fun month for you!
If you like these types of posts then I might do them at the end of every month, so let me know!

Amy x
'We Don't Remember Days, We Remember Moments'