Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Twitter and Instagram

I've now got Twitter and Instagram for my blog!

Instagram is my favourite social media. I find it so easy to use and to make new friends! 
If you follow my personal instagram you will know how addictive I am to it. I post literally everything I do. However on my public account, I won't be! I want this account to be where I can come and chat to you all and get to know who follows my blog. I want my instagram to be a bit of a sneak peak of the behind the scenes of coming blog post.
Now I don't really get along with twitter, but I am trying to! 
Twitter is where I will be doing random Q&A just for the people who follow my twitter, so you can get to know me better. 
Plus we can all have a big laugh altogether. 
Twitter will be where you can help me too; deciding what next post to write, things like that! So if you want a say in something come over.

Everyone who follows me before Monday 5th September, I will be following back on both social media.

Feel free to DM or tweet me, as I will reply!

Little Update!
I feel like my blog is dragging again, I feel I am not putting as much effort into my posts as I normal do. So if you feel like there's a change happening then there is. I am going to put more effort in for hopefully some longer posts and better quality.

Amy xx

Saturday, 27 August 2016

Make-Up That I Wore On Holiday

Heyia, I hope you are all well!
I am currently lying on a sun bed trying to get a tan!
Todays post is what make-up I took on holiday with me. 

-Loreal Infallible Primer- 
Priming your face before make-up, gives a layer of protecting on your face, to hopefully stop makeup going into pores and preventing more! I love this primer as it makes my skin so soft and it smells really nice!

- Loreal Infallible Foundation- 
This is my number 1 foundation, so I took this with me, as its so easy to apply and it matches my skin tone perfect! Its a very build-able foundation, so if I want a more coverage look then this is perfect for that use.

-MAC Studio Fix- 
This foundation is currently too dark for my skin colour, yes I am basically as white as a piece of paper! So if I do tan then hopefully this will be ok. I rarely tan on my face and I don't know why. MAC Studio Fix, isn't one of my favourite foundations at the moment of time as I think its too watery and I think it will be better if you have a dry face. However when I am on holiday in the sun my face becomes quite dry, so this is a great foundation for that. 

-Seventeen Stay Time Concealer- 
For the days where I don't want to wear much makeup or if its extremely hot. As who wants to do a nice face of makeup and then for it all to melt of your face! This is great concealer if you don't want much coverage, its light and natural.

-Seventeen Stay Time Pressed Powder- 
We all have that go to powder which keeps running back into your make-up bag and this is mine, it stops the oily glow which you can sometimes get after you apply your foundation and it makes your make-up look amazing! 

-Collection Contour Kit-
Instead of taking a bronzer and highlighter on its own, this duo is perfect! The bronzer is very natural and buildable and the highlight is extremely good for drugstore! You can also use both shades for eye shadow too!

-Seventeen Blush (Nude)- 
For being a couple of pounds, you can not go wrong. This blush stays on so well and it is gorgeous for when you have a tanned face. Seventeen do a whole lot of different shades of blusher and they are all so pretty!

-Loreal Infallible Setting Spray- 
After I done my base, I love to use this and it sets my make-up very well and I have definitely seen a different in how long my makeup have stayed on my face since using this!

-Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara- 
My go to mascara, its easy to apply and lasts all day, its perfect to do a buildable black eye, and looks beautiful with a winged eyeliner! 

-Babylips (Cherry Me)-
Just a basic lip balm for every day use to not get chapped lips

-MAC Lipstick (Angel) -
Lovely pink shade, so easy to apply and looks amazing with a bright pink blush and a lot of highlighter. 
I recommend getting lipsticks from Duty free in airports as they are a lot cheaper!

-Kiko Lipstick (01)-
The perfect nude! Stunning colour for a natural look. 
Kiko lip products are so moisturizing and I love them so, so much. 

Let me know where you have been this Summer, if you have been anywhere or what you have done.

Amy xx

Thursday, 25 August 2016

Back To School - Q&A


I am currently on Holiday, so this is a really short post.

I asked on my previous post for questions for a Back To School Q&A, I also asked on my personal Socail Media for question too, I will be getting an Instagram for my blog and possibly a twitter to! But for now, I think leaving questions in the comments will do!

Q) What are you doing for GCSE? 
(This question was asked by Shay, and I highly recommend you go and subscribe to his youtube! Its Hey it's Shay

A) I am doing Maths, English Lit and Lang, Science, Full-course R.S, History, Geography, Psychology and Business Studies. 
Can I just get this out there, why has my school suddenly decided that instead of giving you the option to do short-course R.S or full-course, they decided that everyone should do full-course!

Q) What are your best tips on keeping organised with homework etc during the school term?
(This question was asked by Alice from alicajlorna.blogspot.com)
I personally and I know you shouldn't is do my homework in other lessons which I am bored in. But otherwise, do the homework which you are more interested in first or the ones that are due in sooner as it will get your mind set into homework mode for you to complete the rest.

Q) If you could re-start Secondary School, would you?
A) Yes 100%

Q) Have you ever swore at a teacher?
A) If a teacher from my school is reading this, then don't put me in isolation!
Yes I have, to my French teacher, but it just came out, but he laughed anyway. He doesn't teach at my school anymore.

Q) Have you been abroad with school?
A) Yes, I went to France last year with my side of year as we were the French side. At my school there's 2 sides of years, French and German, the French side learns French obvious and the German learn German.
I am also going back to France next year with Band for my schools Band Tour

Q) Do you regret anything you done in school? 
A) I don't regret anything as I believe you do something because it was the only option to or you just done  it for a laugh. But if I could re-do that situation again then I will do it a different way. Last school year, now looking back on it, I don't have a clue why I done or said literally and I mean literally everything  I did or say and it makes me cringe so much!

Q) What have you missed the most this Summer?
A) Not going to band every Tuesday morning, if you did not know I play the flute and I am part of my schools Senior Band.

Q) What are you most looking forward to in September?
A) Meeting my new tutor, like I don't want a new tutor but I think it will be cool, I dunno. My school is going into a vertical tutor system in September.

Q) Do you like school?
A) Yes, I do, I like the environment of school but not what school gives off, like stress, worriness, I don't think its needed but its just the teachers keep going on about your future.

Q) Is Secondary school scary?
A) No, not at all, you meet new friends really quickly and you get the support you need from all the teachers, even though you may not think it!

Let me know when you go back to school! I go back 2nd September.

Amy x

Saturday, 20 August 2016

Whats In My School Bag //BTS-2016


Sorry that I didn't upload at any point last week, I just wasn't feeling myself and I don't know...but I'm back today with a Whats In My School Bag 2016! 

 This is my school bag, you might of seen it in my previous haul but its a grey tote bag, with a long strap and 2 handles from accessorize. I brought this for £19.99 in the sale, which I think is a reasonably price for what the bag is. Its a very structure, hard bag, if that makes any sense! I don't think it  will lose it shape for that reason. 

Connecting to one of the straps, I have this butterfly key-ring, its pretty old as it came with a bag that my mum brought years ago, but I recently found it when I was clearing underneath my bed. 
I think this just gives the bag more detail and a pop of colour!

So this is what the bag looks like when you look into it. It has 5 pockets/sections to it, which means you can organsie it very well!

The bigger Zip pockets contain the essentials that I don't really need on an every day basic. The secetion underneath contains book, homework all of the school stuff. 
There's a little zip pocket inside that section which will have my phone in it.
The zip below that has the more personal things. 
Then the section  below that has the bits and bobs that you need to get you through the day. 

Probably the most import thing that's in my bag, for school, is my school books. 
I get at least 1 book for every subject, sometimes I get given 2 as ones for the work and the other one is keywords. However over the academic year, I end up getting like 2 to 3 books for every subject as I fill them up. Last year I think I went through 5 Maths books, yeah the troubles of being in top set Maths! 
The only book that I have at the moment is my Science book, its turned round the other way as it has my teachers from last year names on it, and if they see this, like they probably won't, but they  may get all fussy about it, and I ant going into isolation for that! (this is how ridiculous my school is, you get put in isolation for the most stupid reasons!) Plus there's this target sticker at the bottom which has my schools name on it.
The next useful thing is my Planner, but I get a new one every year and I haven't started back yet, I would show you the one I had last year but its not very tidy nor neat! 

To keep my homework and letters all neat, I have this floral wallet from Tescos, I may not use this as I tend to fold letters up neatly into my planner or stick homework sheets into my book before I leave the class room and because I am so lazy and don't want to waste my ink, most of the time I do my homework on my laptop and email it to my teachers.

In the bigger zip pocket, I keep this clear pink pencil case which has my calculator, a compass, a protractor and a spare pen. 

I also keep in there this pack of 10 Fineliner Pens, I don't take my Staedtler Pens to school just in case they get nicked. These are only really useful for colouring my timetable in, I do a line underneath the subject, as I don't like it messy. 

Next thing in my bag is my Pencil Case, this is from Tescos and it was £3. If you want to know whats in my pencil case then click here

Look at me! Having matching water bottle and lunch box! I have got the Sistema purple and green collection. The bottle was £2, I think, from Morrisons and the lunch box was £3 from Sainsburys.

 In the middle zip pocket, I keep Paracetamols, Acid Reflux tablets, Strepsils, Rescue Remedy and my inhaler. 
Paracetamols are because I get really strong headaches, I don't know why to be honest as I fill my bottle up at least once at school. 
Acid Reflux tablets, because I have it, nothing much else to say about that. 
Strepsils, for when I have a cold, which is rarely, I never really get ill. 

Rescue Remedy, this is the best thing is you get anxious, have panic attacks, the only problem is that teachers think its a sweet. 
And lastly is my inhaler, as whenever I get anxious my chest starts to close up and it kills. 

I also carry my keys, these are not my front door keys as they are somewhere in my house, these stay in my school bag for the back door just incase my brother and I forget our keys, which does happen! I also have a hair band connected to it, for PE. 
 The last thing I keep is my Radley Umbrella in my bag as at my school we are not allowed in classrooms at break or lunch times, so we are stuck outside which when it rains, mainly every day in England, you get very wet! 

This is everything I keep in my bag for school, I hope this may help with some of you who are stuck on what to keep in your bag or are starting Secondary school! 

I want to do a Back To School Q&A for Thursday post, but I will have to write it up tomorrow night as I go on holiday on Monday, so please leave as many questions as you would like to in the comments!

Amy xx

Thursday, 11 August 2016

Stationary Haul/ BTS 2016

Shopping for my school stationary is my favourite! I always want to get it done in the first week, I love stationary anyway. I think the only reason why I love shopping for stationary is because I take good pride in my work, I produce at school and it has to be well organised and neat. 

All of my supplies are from the Supermarket, most of it is from Tescos. At the moment Tescos has all their Back To School supplies all reduced, so that's another reasons why I got it early! I don't go back till the 2nd of September, I know a Friday what is the point in that!? And the fact I got my stationary in June, is probably a bit early and a bit of a nerd, but I have seen a lot of people get their supplies too. 

 The first thing, I picked up was some Bic Highlighters.
I use highlighters all the time in my work, for keywords, explanations, important things. 
I also use them to do poster and leaflets. 

These Bic Highlighters were only £1.50 from Tescos and they come in 5 different colours and what is good about them is that they have a soft grip, so its easy to use. 

 Also from Tescos, I brought some Bic Mechanical Pencils. Now I never use these types of pencils but I thought why not, £1.50! And at least now they don't mark the inside of my pencil case. 

I also picked up some Tescos Value Glue Sticks, these are a lot better than Pritt Stick ones. A pack of 5, again for £1.50

Now I didn't really need this next thing, as mine still works perfectly, however I wrote the Quadratic Formula in the sleeve of it and I have a funny feeling I may have head of Maths next year! So I got a new Scientific Calculator. I really wanted the blue one but all Tescos had was the pink and black ones, so I picked up a pink one. £6, half price! Amazing deal for a Scientific Calculator!

Helix Oxford, the boring things!
I got a 30cm, bend in half ruler that just cost me 75p. Always need a ruler, for underline dates and titles, drawing shapes and tables out.

Compass, am I the only one who can not draw circles with a compass? I find it impossible to do. This cost me £1.25

Pack of 4 Maths set, I only needed this for the protractor as mine has gone all dirty. 
Now can someone please tell me what these triangle things are for? I've never used one. 

The best ever pens and rubbers!
Zebra pens, are a dream to write with! I have to use these pens otherwise my handwriting goes all over the place. I must got through at least 30 of these every school year, probably more. This packet of 10 for £2, comes with 4 black ones, 1 blue, 1 red, 1 green, 1 pink and 1 purple so super handy. 
Mapad Rubbers, these are from Morrisons for 25p. I got these last year and they are heaven. You know you get those rubbers that do not rub pencil out properly, well tries these your life will change!

At my school we get given exercise books, paper, but if you read my Revisiosn tips post, click here if you haven't, then you would know that I don't revise that isn't because I am lazy as thats not the case, I just can't but I think its good as I still get top marks. But I decided I will give it a go and I will make booklet style revsiosn in folders. I picked these 2 up from Tescos a while back, for Science and Business, the Science folder was meant to be RS but RS doesn't need a nice folder like that! The striped one was £1.50 and the flower one was £2. I also picked up a pack of 50 wallets for 90p- I will properly need to buy some more of these!

Also, me spending money! I didn't need to buy this pencil case either, but I fell in love with it. This blue is one of my favorite colours, plus it goes so nice with my school bag as that' grey. This has flowers like carved into it and it was only £3 from Tescos!

I hope this gives you an idea of what to buy for this academic year!
Let me know when you go back to school. 

Tuesday, 9 August 2016

Words That Make Me Think...

Hello everyone, how are you all? 

Today I would like to share some different quotes which mean a lot to me, all for different reasons and I would like this post to give you all a different point of view to something. 

Quotes are my favourite thing to look for on google and when I'm not in a great mood as I always end up finding one which puts me in a better mood. Quotes mean something different to everyone that's why they are so powerful. 

'Everything happens for a reason' 
I stick by this quote for when I'm in a situation, I don't really want to be in, whether thats getting told off at school or I made a mistake and regretted it and then can't say sorry because its too late. Thats something that bugs me so much about myself, I will say something, maybe something someone told me which is quite personal and I go and tell others (Don't do this), or just anything. And at the time I feel fine about it, months and months later it will just randomly pop in my head and I will spend days even weeks continuously thinking about it and worrying that this person is going to tell or what ever. 
To match this quote to this situation, I think everything you do happens for a reason that you may not know till a years time, even decades or may never know. 

'What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy' 
I think if you want to do something for a bit of banter then do it, as its just creating a memory for you and you enjoyed doing it, even though you may of gotten in trouble for it at least you haven't regretted doing it. Making sure you are happy before anyone else is the biggest thing people forget to do, they are to quine on making others happy they forget about their selves. 

'Are you ok?'
Asking someone this or getting asked this question makes my day, just these 3 words can change my mood to be so much happier. I think these are so powerful and mean differently to everyone. These to me mean that someone is making sure that you are having a nice day and are enjoying yourself. Even thought most of us automatically say yes, I think that's because we are grateful for what we have even though we could be having a bad day. 

'Think happy thoughts' 
I am someone who struggles at this so much, if you know me personally you know that everything I do, I always have to think of it in a bad way; What could happen, why did I do that? I am possibly the biggest worrier you will ever meet. So thinking happy thoughts is such a great way to maintain the positive in yourself and around you. 

I hope you liked this short post today. 
Also are you enjoying my Back To School related post, make sure to check back on Thursday for another one!

Amy x

-All Images are from Google Images

Saturday, 6 August 2016

A Rainy Day On A Beach

A rainy day in.. 
(Well technically Poole, just snapchat thought I was in Bournemouth!) 

The Bournemouth area, is the area I spent most of my childhood up until last year. We spent every minute we could staying in a caravan on a camp site, to have a different scenery. As its the Summer holidays for me, I wanted to go back down, to see all of our friends but turns out no one was down. We don't have the caravan anymore as we done 7 years and thought it would be nice to have a change and go and see the world. 

Me, my Dad and Brother, left our house at 8am and got to Sandbanks beach at around 10:50- 
If you live in England, you know that we don't have a Summer, so to get on a beach this year was a very big step! However the skies decided to open. 
We decided to leave the beach and walk across to the 'harbour side' (its not actually Poole Harbour, its more just an area where people keep their boats, not the big nice ones!) 

On one of the Islands which is called Brownsea Island, is a castle, I think that has something to do with John Lewis called Brownsea Castle. On this island you might be able to spot red squirrels!

My favourite part about Poole is all the nice houses and flats, it will be a dream to live in one of them, click here to see some of the houses!

I am hopefully going back down to see Bournemouth Air Show, so if you would like me to do a blog post about that, then let me know!

Thursday, 4 August 2016

Revision // BTS 2016

Its Thursday and why am I uploading on a Thursdays? That's because every Thursday I will be uploading a Back To School post, to help you get back into school!

My first one for this year, is revision!
Now lets just get this out there I don't revise, as I just can't but somehow I manage to maintain my self in top sets for subjects and still get good grade. 
So I am just going to tell you some ways lots of my friends revise and they opinions and what I think about that certain way of revision. 

First things to do before you revise is to make sure your book is marked!
At my school a lot of my teachers are so lazy with marking and it gets really annoying as you don't know if you done it right. It may sound rude asking  your teacher if they can mark you book, but its for your benefit and its technically their job even though they get really annoyed if you say that but its better to tell the truth! 

If your book is marked then act upon feed back, I never really myself however they actually have marked your book, well when its been 'marked' its more ticks places in random places. 

Don't do this, and leave it as when you go onto the next part of the topic and you look back to revise, you don't know what to do!

Tip- Make sure its in a different colour pen so then your teachers knows that you have responded to them and it stands out. 

Next thing is to check your planner and priorities which subject to revise for first.

Types of ways to can revise:
1. Flash Cards/Mind Maps

With flashcard, write a question on one side and then the answer on the other side and test yourself or write bullet points and just keep going through it.

One of my Science teachers from last told me a way of how she used to revise with using minds maps and flash cards.
Get one section of the topic, eg- for C.1, Isotopes . Do an A4 page about Isotopes on everything about them, then look over that for a couple of days and every thing you can not remember, write on a flashcard and then do the same with all of the other sections and you will get a pack of flashcards with things you initially can not remember.

2. Test Papers (especially for Maths)
Print test papers from the internet and do them and then get the answers up and go through it and mark it.
Apparently, Maths is very hard to revise, so past papers will be very helpful, however you just use a lot of ink up!

3. Text Books
If you are doing GCSE/A-LEVEL, you can get text books especially for your exam board for every subject and these are very helpful as they have all for your lessons in and they help with homework and understanding things better.
You can also get practise papers in text books, so you have a rough idea of what the exam is going to be like

4. Folder Presentation 
This is a way that I may revise, if I decide to, in September and that is typing everything up and putting it in a folder, so then its like a booklet. 

I think with this, its all in one area and its presented nice and neatly!

5. Youtube
 Watching a video of someone going through a past paper or explaining in better detail about something you are stuck on!
But do not go and start watching your favourite youtuber as that won't help!

I hope you are excited for more Back To School 

Tuesday, 2 August 2016

New Blog, Header

New Blog, header: 

I thought it would be nice to design a header that describes my blog a lot more than what I used to have. 
I designed this on Canva and its super easy to use and download, so definitely recommend using it if you are wanting to design your own header. 

What does each item represent? 
-Shopping Tag: 
I love shopping and spending lots of money and whenever I buy products, I like to do a haul, write a review up to tell you, what I like about the product and things I generally like. 

-The Coffee Shop Sign: 
When I first saw this, I found it really cute. I think this represent my blog really nicely because I tend to do a lot of travel posts and some baking posts.

-Happiness Sign: 
I want everyone to come to my blog and to read my post and feel happy, I don't want to put people into bad moods and I like helping people to become more happy. 

-Postage Stamp: 
I like to write about all of my adventures, that I go on, abroad and home. 

I just really liked this, ahah! Just keeping with the girliness.

I am a bright person anyway, my room is bright, I wear bright clothing so then I want my personality to be shown in my blog.