Saturday, 29 October 2016

Its ok to...

Its ok to...
cry in front of people. 
be a sensitive person.
not be friends with people who have proven you wrong.
have a change.
tell people what you are thinking.
tell the truth.
eat that chocolate bar.
make mistakes. 
be different. 
have goals/dreams in live. 
have a chat. 

1) Its ok to cry in front of people
Whether that's your parents, friends, a teacher, anyone. And yes its perfectly fine to cry multiply times in a week/month in front of that same person. But please do not think you are wasting their time! So many people don't let things out because they are scared that they are wasting the other persons time. No you are not! 10 minutes of their day, is all it takes to let things out and you will feel so much better afterwards. They may not look like they care, However you are not being silly or anything. Its no ones fault that whatever going on in your head is there. We can not control what our brains think. 

2) Its ok to F.A.I.L
Fail means First Attempt In Learning. You could fail multiple times but you are learning and life is all about learning. So don't beat yourself up because of it.

3) Its ok to be a sensitive person
We are all different here, and we all take things differently. I am, myself, a sensitive person and things do hit me. But do not think that you are silly or pathetic just because you are the only one who have gotten upset because of it. 

4) Its ok to not be friends with people who have proven you wrong
Its true that friends don't stay. We all grow every day into another person as we are learning who we really are in life. Things change to make people change. People turn out to be different and its fine to say goodbye to someone. 

5) Its ok to have a change
Maybe that's in your fashion style, or haircut. Its perfectly fine to change. Its fine to change jobs, schools. If something making you down change it and don't worry about what other people think that's their problem.

6) Its ok to tell people what you are thinking
This links to number 1. If you want to tell someone how you feel about them, then tell them. Tell everyone!

7) Its ok to tell the truth
Tell people what have just happened, tell them everything. If something happens the next day about the same thing go and tell them. This could be told to anyone!

8) Its ok to eat that chocolate bar
Just eat it! Don't worry about the calories or if you have already eaten a chocolate bar today. We are not here to hate our body or hate what choices we have just made. We are here to enjoy life to the fullest! 

9) Its ok to make mistakes
We all make mistakes, whether thats solving a problem or doing something that has affected you in a way that you didn't think it would. Don't regret doing it, if someone has told you something about it that has made you cringe. Oh well, its fine. WE ALL MAKE MISTAKES, its life. We are learning everyday.

10) Its ok to be different
Don't think you have to be the same as everyone else, as you don't. Its amazing to stand out from the crowd, I promise. People may judge at first but don't let that put you down.

11) Its ok to have goals/dreams in life
You are never too young to know what you would like to achieve in life. I already know what I would like to be when I grow up and theres nothing wrong with that.
'Never give up on what you really want to do. The person with bug dreams is more powerful than the one with all the facts'.

12) Its ok to have a chat
Chat about anything and everything, We live in a world where technology takes over us. Its fine to have a chat in person with someone, go to Starbucks, sit there for hours on end having a right old giggle, laugh. Its also ok to have a chat with someone over phone too.

I feel that these are some things that people struggle to come to terms with, I can relate to so many of these, as I feel like its not ok  to do something, as I don't know anyone else who has done what I have just did and I tend to put myself down and it plays over and over again in my head and I will cringe about it and regret doing it. But whats in the past, is in the past. And NO ONE should judge you from your past. 

Amy xx

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

Pandora Will Always Be My Favourite

I am posting today because I feel bad that I haven't uploaded over the past couple of weeks. 

Pandora will always be my favourite! I am lucky enough to own 2 rings that Pandora sell and I love them both to pieces. 

I got given this for Christmas a few years back from my parents and its my favourite one out of the 2 that I own. Its so simply. I love that its hearts all joint together to make a ring. 
This ring is £35 which I think is a really good price for it. £35 is quite cheap for Pandora but then I think its a reasonably price. 

My hand is so ugly, ahah
My birthday is in April, so it makes sense that I got the diamond birthstone ring. I think us April babies are so lucky to have diamond as our birthstone, as a lot of rings have a diamond stone and it means something a bit more special to us. 
If I am honest I don't think this on is really worth £40, only because underneath the diamond, it does tend to get quite dirty, but otherwise its a really nice ring. 

I am thinking about getting a Pandora charm bracelet but I don't know if its worth it. So if you own one please let me know if they are worth the money. 

Hope everyone having a nice day 
Amy xx

Sunday, 23 October 2016

1 Year Of Amy Rose

Hi everyone! 
Sorry that I haven't posted anything over the past couple of weeks. To make up for that I will posting a few next week, as I am on half term.

Today post is to celebrate Amy Rose 1st birthday! I created this blog on the 19th October 2015, and uploaded my first post on the 21st. 
I created this blog just for somewhere to write everything and anything on and we have grown so much. We are nearly on 70 followers on Bloglovin, 28 followers on Blogger, that's nearly 100 people. I know that's not a lot compared to a lot of other blogs, but I never thought I will be able to get 50 followers let alone nearly 100. 
As well we are on 8.3K+ views and I personally think that's insane. I have people from America and Australia reading my blog! 

Thank you all so much for all of your support and I read everyone comments on my posts and everyone is so lovely. 

I will be back from now on writing blog posts every week, hopefully! Next week there will be a few going up. So make sure you are following me. 

Amy xx