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Your first thought when you clicked on my blog; 'Woah, this is colourful' ? Yep that's right, I am not a boring teenager!

Well hello there, my name is Amy and I am the writer of Amy Rose's Blog.
Wondering why its 'Amy Rose', and that's because that actually my name!

A bit about my blog: 
-When and Why did you start blogging? 
I started on 21st October 2015, just for somewhere to make some new 'online' friends and just to have something that I enjoy doing, taking photos, and sharing them with people. 

-Where can you follow me? 
To get easy notification, either follow me on Bloglovin, Google+ or Blogger Followers. Also I have 2 social media platforms for you all! Click the Instagram or Twitter Icons on the right. 

-When do you post? 
I post every weekend (mainly Saturday) and every other Tuesday.

Frequently asked questions: 
-When is your birthday?
 I am an Easter baby, which means I am born around March and April!
4th April 

-What do you use to edit?
 I tend to not edit my photos, just because I already like what they look like, however if I need to crop anything, I use PicMokey 

-What are you doing for your GCSE? 
All the core subjects; Maths, English Lit, English, 2 Science, Full-course RS. My compulsory is History, so sort of a core too! And then 3 other subjects I am taking are; Psychology, Geography and Business Studies
Before anyone judge me saying I am picking the hard subjects! My school has made everyone in my year do Full-course RS, plus our subject column weren't good this  year. That's also why I am not doing 3 Science, I am capable of doing 3 but because I got some of the hardest subjects my school offers, I opted for 2.
And if any of you think my subjects are easy to do, here's a fact, I am doing 9-1, and 9 is above an A* and its a lot more harder to get a PASS now, as the exams boards are all changing and there's no course work.

^Sorry for my rant, just had to get it clear 

-Where are you from?
 England, down South, that's all I am saying

I enjoy the most writing about places I have visited, as its like a memory to me. Don't worry I still most beauty posts as I like makeup too! 

Here are some posts that I loved the most: 

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  1. You are such a sweetheart and I love your design and posts! Best wishes continuing your blogging career and I hope we can become better blogging friends!
    - Sanjana